• How much courage does it take to be a writer? Creative Writing student Sienna takes that leap—every day.

    Writing is offered as a concentration within Literary Studies ( BA, Literary Studies). Students can also study Writing as a minor or as a guided area of study within the self-designed Liberal Arts major (BA or BS, Liberal Arts).

    Pursue writing at The New School's liberal arts college

    If you pursue a bachelor's in Literary Studies with a Writing concentration, you’ll consider the written word from both critical and creative perspectives. You’ll choose a writing genre (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry) and progress through a carefully designed set of sequenced writing workshops, culminating in a “capstone” semester devoted to creating a longer work in your chosen genre. You’ll be guided through writing courses by a faculty that includes published poets, novelists, and nonfiction writers, as well as editors of and contributors to major literary reviews such as n+1, the London Review of Books, the New York Review of Books, Hyperallergic, the Iowa Review, and the New York Times Book Review.

    How the creative writing courses at Eugene Lang College prepare you to be more analytical

    Lang writing students read works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama from a wide range of cultures and historical periods. In both reading and writing courses, you’ll use a craft lens (the art of clear thinking and clear articulation) to analyze assigned texts, your own writing, and other students’ writing. In your work, you will use reasoning and creativity to identify and solve abstract and material problems effectively.

    In our creative writing courses, college students develop a nuanced use of language by:

    • Examining innovative and high-level literary texts
    • Engaging in discussions in small seminar classes
    • Cultivating the practice of revision and editing

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    Discover the benefits of studying writing at a school in NYC

    While it offers the atmosphere and intimacy of a small college, Eugene Lang College is part of The New School, a major progressive university in New York City. The city is intensely present in every writing course, since all of our writing faculty are practicing writers based in New York. Our location in the world capital of publishing and media offers a variety of benefits, including:

    • Classroom visits with well-known writers, literary publishers, practicing lawyers, archivists, and other New York City professionals
    • Class visits to New York City archives of rare books and manuscripts
    • Speaker series featuring leading anthropologists from the United States and abroad
    • An internship program that places students with publishing houses, magazines, and other venues in NYC
    • Opportunities to participate in community learning projects in conjunction with local organizations like Radio Works
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    Career opportunities for students with a bachelor's in Literary Studies with a Writing concentration or minor

    Our students have gone into academic literature degree programs and MFA programs, such as the Creative Writing program at The New School. They work for publishing companies, magazines, Internet sites, and libraries. Some earn their living as freelance writers. Others have gone on to law and other professional degree programs. Find out where our writing courses can take you.