• IMG - Lang Sociology 2

    You can study sociology as a major (BA, Sociology), as a minor, or as part of a self-designed program (BA or BS, Liberal Arts). Students interested in pursuing a master’s degree should consider The New School's Bachelor’s-Master’s program.

    Sociology is the scientific study of societies. It’s a tool for explaining the complexities of human behavior, exploring the forces of social change, and bringing facts and reason to public policy debates. As a sociology student, you'll learn to investigate and interpret data about group behavior and institutions; to scientifically engage with the operation of categories like class, gender, and race; and to design strategies for responding to social problems.

    The Sociology curriculum at Eugene Lang College introduces you to the key texts, concepts, methods, research tools, and evolution of the sociology discipline. It includes training in qualitative research methods, such as participant observation, interviews, discourse analysis, and historical sociology. The interests of the faculty range from the micro (interactions of individuals in urban neighborhoods) to the macro (global political economy). Three themes define the program:

    • Discourse, meaning, and identity
    • Publics and politics
    • Social inequality

    The University and New York City

    At Eugene Lang College, you'll benefit from the intimate, seminar-based program of the college and the rich resources of The New School, a progressive urban university. These resources include

    Career Paths

    Eugene Lang College helps students develop as well-rounded, engaged citizens who are thoughtful, articulate, and creative. Graduates of the BA in Sociology program can pursue advanced studies in social science and careers in social and public service, business, law, policy research and analysis, and education.