Global Studies

  • Students can pursue global studies as a major (BA, Global Studies), a minor, or a self‐designed major (BA or BS, Liberal Arts). A bachelor's‐master's degree option is also available. 

    Globalization has fundamentally changed the world, redefining relationships between nations, communities, and individuals — and posing complex challenges that include climate change, human trafficking, poverty and hunger, and unprecedented migration. The undergraduate program in Global Studies at The New School prepares you to rigorously investigate these problems, think across disciplines, and contribute creative solutions for bringing about a more just and equitable world.

    The program places particular emphasis on engaged learning, directed research, and foreign language study. Course clusters for elective study include

    • The Ground Beneath Our Feet: Places, Peoples, and Encounters
    • Rules of (Dis)Order: Markets and States, Networks and Hierarchies
    • Co‐Existence or Non‐Existence: Rights, Justice, and Governance
    • Global Spaces: Urban, Media, Environment


    Part of a suite of interdisciplinary undergraduate programs at The New School, Global Studies offers innovative courses that capitalize on the university’s expertise in social sciences, languages, writing, media studies, design, management, environmental studies, and urban policy. You can combine your degree with one of a number of minors (such as ethnicity and race, sustainable cities, and gender studies) or, with your advisor's permission, pursue a double major. The Global Studies major can also make up part of a five‐year combined bachelor's and master's program leading to a graduate degree in international affairs, media studies, economics, anthropology, and other disciplines at The New School.

    Experience on the ground is an important aspect of global studies, and the major gives you the chance to apply your knowledge in internships and fieldwork in New York and abroad.


    By emphasizing internships and fieldwork in New York and abroad, foreign languages, and cross‐disciplinary study within the university, the program prepares students to pursue careers in public service, international organizations, global media, education, law, and nonprofit management and development.