Student Life

  • Find out what it's like to attend one of the top liberal arts colleges in New York City

    College life in NYC is exciting and challenging. At Lang, we take full advantage of our position as a liberal arts college in the heart of New York City, and with a little guidance and self-motivation, you will be able to enjoy its unrivaled opportunities. To help you make the transition to living and learning at college in NYC, we offer the First-Year workshop, led by an upper-class seminar fellow, in which you’ll learn everything from how to navigate the subways to how to budget your time. The office of Student Success offers assistance through a wide range of integrated services. To find out about news and events hosted by Student Success as well as other offices and programs across the university, visit the  Student Success blog

    Experience diverse cultures and enjoy unique student life experiences in NYC

    By every measure, New York City is a remarkable place. More than 140 languages are spoken here. The city has the largest subway system in the world; more than 2,000 arts and cultural nonprofit institutions, museums, and performance halls; and more than 500 art galleries. New York offers excellent opportunities to get involved in the issues that matter to you, and you can even earn credit for doing it, whether through class work or an internship. Our many student organizations also enable you to pursue your passions and apply them at school and in the city.

    Lang is located in NYC’s Greenwich Village — the historic heart of America’s alternative culture. You’ll study, play, and live surrounded by music clubs, bookstores, restaurants, and avant-garde performance spaces. The Village pulses with energy day and night, but the neighborhood also has its relaxed side, including a riverfront park, small shops, and narrow tree-lined streets. Our location provides all the excitement of attending school in a major city but with the close-knit feel of a village. Take full advantage of student life in NYC as you study literature, culture, history, and liberal arts at Lang.