Global Immersion Program

  • The Lang Global Immersion Program in New York and Costa Rica is a cutting-edge program that enables students to combine classroom learning with practical experience through research on and analysis of Central American social and economic issues. Students in the program have the opportunity to earn between 30 and 34 credits during their first year at Lang while learning about economic development, politics, the environment, sustainability, the rights of women, education, and human rights in the Central American context. The semester in Costa Rica also includes an internship with a social justice focus. 

    This program runs in partnership with ICADS (Institute for Central American Development Studies) in Costa Rica and is open to first-year and transfer students, with limited spaces for continuing students.

    For more information, read the FAQ below and contact Scott Korb at

    First Semester in New York City

    First Year Seminar (4 credits)
    Writing the Essay I (4 credits)
    Intensive Spanish (4 credits)
    Global Immersion Seminar I (1 credit)
    Social Justice and Development elective (3-4 credits) 

    Second Semester in Costa Rica

    Weeks 1-5

    Latin American Perspectives on Justice and Sustainable Development (4 credits)
    Spanish Language Intensive (4 credits)
    Field excursion to Nicaragua for one week

    Weeks 6-14

    Lang Global Immersion Seminar II (2 credits)
    Social Justice Immersion with Internship (6 credits)

    Third Semester in New York City (fall 2018 cohort only)

    Global Immersion Seminar III: Connecting to Diasporic Communities in NYC (1 credit) plus additional courses selected with the assistance of your advisor

  • How much does the program cost? 

    You will be billed for New School tuition for the fall and spring semesters as you normally would and can take with you any federal and institutional aid you have been awarded. In the spring semester, your New School tuition will also cover your housing expenses in Costa Rica as well as two meals a day at no additional cost to you.

    Where will I live in Costa Rica and whom will I take courses with? 

    You will travel to ICADS (Institute for Central American Development Studies) in Costa Rica and live with a Costa Rican family while taking courses and interacting with students from Lang and other schools across the United States.

    Do I have to find the internship?

    ICADS offers more than 65 structured internships and research opportunities in Costa Rica and Nicaragua with a focus on the environment, education, health, development, wildlife conservation, and women’s studies. Students are placed in an individualized internship to gain experience in urban or rural areas. Only one student is placed at each internship site. Internship placements are determined on the basis of a number of factors, including student interests, previous experience, formal education, and level of Spanish competency.