• Profile:

    Frank has formal training in the humanities, with advanced degrees in the study of philosophy, religion, South Asian studies and the social sciences. He began teaching in 2009 and has taught courses on topics including globalization and religion, Nietzsche and religion, and theorizing religion.
    Frank also has more than a decade of professional experience as a technologist, spanning from web design to full-stack application development. He is currently working as a front-end enginner in programmatic marketing.

    Degrees Held:

    PhD, Religion, Columbia University, 2012

    MTS, Religion, Harvard University, 2005

    MA, Social Sciences, University of Chicago, 1998

    AB, Religion, Princeton University, 1996

    Research Interests:

    Philosophical critiques of religion, philosophical roots of computer science, critical history of computation, Nietzsche studies, Foucault studies

    Current Courses:

    Code Toolkit

    Code Toolkit (Spring 2020)