• David Plotke

    Professor of Politics


    David Plotke is Professor of Politics at The New School for Social Research. He received his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. His forthcoming book is Democratic Breakup: From the Civil Rights Act to the End of the Democratic Order.

    Concentrations: U.S. politics: American political development: national political institutions, political and social movements; American political thought; citizenship, immigration, and ethnicity. Political theory: democratic theory; collective action.

    Degrees Held:

    PhD 1985, University of California, Berkeley

    Recent Publications:

    Democratic Breakup: From the Civil Rights Act to the End of the Democratic Order (forthcoming)

    “Democratic Polities and Antidemocratic Politics,” Theoria (2006)

    “Democracy and Groups,” Social Research volume 70 number 2 (Summer 2003): 463-498

    Democracy and Boundaries: Themes in Contemporary Politics (2002)

    “The Success and Anger of the Modern American Right: A New Introduction to The Radical Right” in a new edition of D. Bell (ed.), The Radical Right (2001)

    “Representation is Democracy,” Constellations (1997)

    Building a Democratic Political Order: Reshaping American Liberalism in the 1930s and 1940s (1996).

    Research Interests:

    I am preparing publications (books or monographs) on the following topics: Popular Conservatism and Political Disorder: American Politics in the Late Twentieth Century; Forms of Democracy and Forms of Representation; Martin Luther King, Jr. & American political thought; and Democratic Polities and Antidemocratic Politics.

    Current Courses:

    American Politics Field Sem (Spring 2020)

    Directed Dissertation Study

    Directed Dissertation Study (Spring 2020)

    Ind Senior Prject

    Independent Study

    Independent Study (Spring 2020)

    Pop, National, Dem in Amer Pol (Spring 2020)

    Social Science Fellowship