• Chiara Bottici

    Associate Professor of Philosophy


    Chiara Bottici is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research. She obtained her PhD from the European University Institute (Florence, Italy) and taught at the University of Frankfurt before joining The New School for Social Research. She has written on myth, imagination, ancient and early modern philosophy, the Frankfurt School, psychoanalysis, feminism, contemporary social and political philosophy.

    Degrees Held:

    PhD 2004, European University Institute

    Recent Publications:


    Per tre miti, forse quattro (Manni Editore, 2016)

    Imaginal Politics: Images beyond the Imagination and beyond the Imaginary (Columbia University Press, 2014)

    Imagining Europe: Myth, Memory, and Identity, co-authored with Benoit Challand (Cambridge University Press, 2013)

    The Myth of the Clash of Civilizations, co-authored with Benoit Challand (Routledge, 2010)

    A Philosophy of Political Myth (Cambridge University Press, 2007; paperback, 2010)

    Uomini e stati. Percorsi di un'analogia (ETS, 2004); English trans. Men and States (Palgrave, 2009)

    Edited Volumes

    Feminism, Capitalism, and Critique: Essays in Honor of Nancy Fraser, co-edited with Banu Bargu (Palgrave, 2017)

    The Anarchist Turn, co-edited with Jacob Blumenfeld and Simon Critchley (Pluto Press, 2013)

    The Politics of Imagination, co-edited with Benoit Challand (Routledge, 2011)


    Selected Articles

    "From the Imagination to the Imaginal: Politics, Spectacle, and Post-Fordist Capitalism." Social Imaginaries, vol. 3, iss. 1, pp. 61-81 (2017).

    "Bodies in plural: Towards an anarcha-feminist manifesto." Thesis Eleven, vol. 142, pp. 91-111 (2017)

    “Rethinking the biopolitical turn: from the thanatopolitical to the geneapolitical paradigm.” Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal, vol. 35, n.1, pp. 175-197 (2015).

    “Democracy and the Spectacle: On Rousseau’s Homeopathic Strategy.” Philosophy and Social Criticism, vol. 41 (3), pp.235-248 (2015).

    "Another Enlightenment: Spinoza on Myth and Imagination.” Constellations, vol. 19:4, pp. 1-19 (2012).

    "Philosophies of Political Myth. A Comparative Look Backward: Cassirer, Sorel and Spinoza." European Journal of Political Theory, vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 365-382 (2009).

    “Mythos and Logos: A Genealogical Approach." Epoché, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 1-24 (2008).

    “Rethinking Political Myth. The Clash of Civilisations as a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy,” co-authored with Benoit Challand. European Journal of Social Theory, vol. 9, no. 4, pp. 315-336 (2006).

    “The Domestic Analogy and the Kantian Project of Perpetual Peace.” Journal of Political Philosophy, vol.11, n.4, pp. 392-410 (Dec. 2003).

    Research Interests:

    Modern philosophy, social and political philosophy, feminism, coloniality, psychoanalysis, aesthetics, philosophy and literature.

    Current Courses:

    Gender and Domination (Spring 2020)

    Independent Study

    Independent Study (Spring 2020)