Eugene Lang College Social Science Fellowship

  • This fellowship provides a unique opportunity to combine research, theory, and practice. It is available to current second-year, third-year, and fourth-year (BA/BFA only) students at Lang with a strong academic record in the social sciences. The fellowship requires the ability to work independently over the summer and throughout the fall semester. It provides a rare chance for students to develop their research and writing skills through individual mentoring and feedback on their work.

    The fellowship has three components:

    • A summer 2019 internship of at least 100 hours over four weeks, designed to connect students’ academic interests to organizations in related fields. See below for a current list of 2019 internship sites (please note that new sites may be added).
    • Work with an NSSR PhD student throughout the fellowship to develop and conduct a research project related to the summer internship.
    • A four-credit independent study course in fall 2019, during which students work with their research mentor to complete a research paper.

    Students must also participate in a half-day orientation session in spring 2019 as well as various training sessions related to research methods. Fellows receive a $2,250 stipend from The New School for the summer internship.

    Deadline: January 4, 2019


    To apply: Complete the online application. Applicants must submit their résumé with relevant experience, a cover letter, and a writing sample and must indicate at least two preferred internship sites. Students will be notified in February if they have been selected for an interview.

    Summer 2019 internship sites:

  • 3P Partners

    3P Partners, a woman-led Certified B Corp in the impact tech space, has brought to market an innovative mobile platform (PIPs or PIPs Rewards) that turns verifiable engagement in beneficial behaviors (from biking, bike sharing, and riding the bus to volunteering) into highly valued rewards — including access to “stay in school” matching funds and discounts on healthy food and fitness classes, fueling a continuous "engine of good."

    The 9/11 Memorial & Museum

    The 9/11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center bears solemn witness to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and February 26, 1993. The Museum honors the 2,983 victims of these attacks and all those who risked their lives to save others. It further recognizes the thousands who survived and all who demonstrated extraordinary compassion in the aftermath. Demonstrating the consequences of terrorism on individual lives and its impact on communities at the local, national, and international levels, the Museum attests to the triumph of human dignity over human depravity and affirms an unwavering commitment to the fundamental value of human life.

    The Collections Department, under the direction of the Museum’s Chief Curator and Executive Vice President of Collection, employs 16 museum professionals who work as curators, oral historians, registrars, conservators, inventory specialists, cataloguers, and collection managers.

    Center for Court Innovation

    The Center for Court Innovation (CCI) seeks to help create a more effective and humane justice system by designing and implementing operating programs, performing original research, and providing reformers around the world with the tools they need to launch new strategies. The Center disseminates the lessons learned from innovative programs and performs original research evaluating innovative programs to determine what works. 

    The fellow will assist the Center’s Operations Team with a range of projects, including the implementation and expansion of alternative-to-incarceration (ATI) programming such as pre-trial diversion, and projects supporting the Center's community justice centers.

    Fulcrum Analytics

    Founded in 1993, Fulcrum Analytics has stood at the forefront of data and analytics for more than 20 years. Fulcrum offers sophisticated solutions, groundbreaking technologies, and winning strategies that help companies achieve their targeted results. Fulcrum takes on the toughest data questions — ones that create big impact, uncover the hidden picture beneath mountains of data, and move businesses forward every day. The fellow will work as a member of the Fulcrum team on current client projects.

    Governor Cuomo's Office of Constituent Affairs

    Governor Cuomo’s Executive Chamber Internship Program offers an outstanding opportunity for motivated college students, recent college graduates, and graduate students to gain real government experience working closely with the Governor’s staff. This internship will be focused on the Governor's NYC-based Office of Constituent Affairs. Intern responsibilities will range from administrative work to substantive research. All interns should be ready to work hard, learn quickly, and cooperate with a diverse team serving the people of New York State.

    Generation Citizen

    Generation Citizen works to ensure that all students in the United States receive an effective action civics education that provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in our democracy as active citizens. GC teaches teenagers how to take effective political action. Through an innovative in-class curriculum, students work with local leaders to fix local problems. Generation Citizen's fellow will be supporting GC's national Director of Programming, who supports program quality and design, pilots, and evaluation across GC's six sites. Projects may involve helping organize a summer retreat for GC's Student and Teacher Leadership Boards, supporting analysis of 2018-2019 program outcomes, and developing curricular and training resources for 2019-2020 partners.

    Global Americans

    Global Americans is a modern-day take on the traditional think tank. Through our website, we provide up-to-date research and analysis on key areas affecting the countries of the Americas — democracy, human rights, social inclusion, and foreign policy. Our goal is to provide policymakers, academic,s and Latin America enthusiasts with the tools needed to promote change and build more prosperous inter-American relations. We are also a platform for a wide range of scholars and activists, serving as a channel to connect their research, opinions, and analysis to an audience in the United States that they wouldn’t regularly have access to in their home countries.  

    The International Peace Institute

    The International Peace Institute (IPI) is an independent international not-for-profit think tank dedicated to managing risk and building resilience to promote peace, security, and sustainable development. To achieve its purpose, IPI employs a mix of policy research, strategic analysis, publishing, and convening. With staff from more than twenty countries and a broad range of academic fields, IPI has offices facing United Nations headquarters in New York and offices in Vienna and Manama.

    The Museum of the City of New York Future City Lab

    Founded in 1923 as a private, nonprofit corporation, the museum connects the past, present, and future of New York City. The Museum of the City of New York serves the people of New York and visitors from around the world through exhibitions, school and public programs, publications, and collections. For more information about the museum, visit

    Fellows will assist in research on new and ongoing projects and proposals in New York and other global cities to address the challenges explored in the Lab. This research will consist of working with the Director of the Lab to identify interesting proposals, outreach to relevant agencies and organizations to solicit additional information, and online data collection.

    NYC Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

    The New York City Central Labor Council (NYCCLC) is a nonprofit labor membership organization devoted to supporting, advancing, and advocating for the working people of New York City. The NYCCLC brings together 300 local unions from every trade, occupation, and public and private sector of the New York economy. It represents 1.3 million workers, including teachers, truck drivers, operating engineers, nurses, construction workers, electricians, firefighters, retail workers, janitors, train operators, bakers, and many more who are the backbone of today’s workforce.  

    The fellow will work on a range of projects including analysis of public investments in renewable energy, job creation projections around mandatory retrofitting of large buildings, and analysis of patterns of legislative and electoral voting habits, particularly how the New York City Council voted in committee hearings against Stated Meeting votes and what that reveals about partisanship and coalitions.  

    NYC Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs

    The NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) promotes the well-being of immigrant communities by recommending policies and programs that facilitate successful integration of immigrant New Yorkers into the civic, economic, and cultural life of the city. Through policy, education, outreach, and advocacy, MOIA’s initiatives fulfill three primary objectives: (1) Enhance the economic, civil, and social integration of immigrant New Yorkers; (2) Facilitate access to justice for immigrant New Yorkers; and (3) Advocate for the elimination of inequities facing immigrant New Yorkers, and add our voice to the fight for continued immigration reforms at the national level. The fellow will primarily work on initiatives intended to build the capacity and increase the ability of MOIA to carry out its programming. Based on the conditions and work flow at the time of the internship, a specific project will be assigned to the intern.

    Participatory Budgeting Project

    The Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP) is a nonprofit organization that empowers people to decide together how to spend public money in order to deepen democracy, build stronger communities, and make public budgets more equitable and effective. The fellow will spend the majority of his or her time improving PBP's materials, tools, and toolkits. They might interview PBP staff, city staff, community members, teachers, elected officials, or others to understand their needs and experience. By making the PBP's materials more useful, the fellow can make the organization — and by extension democratic processes — work better for communities.

    Same Sky Foundation

    The Same Sky Foundation provides empowerment, tools, education, and opportunity to women and girls worldwide so that they can build self-esteem and brighter futures for themselves and their families. Same Sky runs a social enterprise in conjunction with a foundation that puts us in a unique position to flexibly provide empowerment tools. Through research projects, conferences, and meetings, the foundation will build a curriculum to grow their impact by sharing research results with a network of educational institutions worldwide.