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  • Master the basics of Web design and development through project-based learning, using today’s industry-standard tools. The skills you acquire in this new certificate program will enable you to design and build websites, create digital applications, and produce portfolio-worthy projects. You begin with courses in Web and mobile development and Web design principles and proceed to Web Design or Web Development tracks of study.

    • Format Online
    • Price $3,704 total
    • Total Courses 5
    • Course Length 6–9 weeks
  • Courses 

    Introduction to Web and Mobile

    Absolute beginners emerge from this course with the ability to design, code, and create beautiful websites with HTML and CSS — the building blocks of any webpage. For your final project, you  they hand-code, build, and launch a responsive personal website.

    Web Design Production: JavaScript for Designers

    This introduction to JavaScript covers basic computer programming concepts, such as variables, data types, loops, and arrays. It progresses to more complex concepts that include functions, DOM traversal, and events.

    Mobile Design Patterns and Emerging Platforms (Web Design track)

    This course guides you through the creation of mobile designs and presentations, from concept to prototype. You apply the latest mobile design guidelines and best practices for iOS and Android for UX and UI design.

    Interactive Typography for the Web (Web Design track)

    Engaging, expressive Web typography maximizes a website’s impact. Explore new techniques for enhancing your type with CSS animations, know when to use variable fonts, and learn how to specify px, pt, sp, or dp.

    Design Systems (Web Design track)

    Create and document a design system by expanding your visual lexicon to other products while maintaining a consistent cross-platform experience. Topics covered include style guides, pattern libraries, collections of reusable interface components, CSS frameworks, and repeatable design operations.

    Web Development II: Advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Web Development track)

    Now that you’ve mastered the basics of coding in HTML and CSS, it’s time to get more practice. In this class, you take on advanced challenges that include user interface–intensive code libraries, plug-ins, advanced CSS selectors, and frameworks.

    Working with APIs (Web Development track)

    APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, make it possible and easy for two independent systems to interface and communicate with each other. In this class, you will learn how to leverage APIs to integrate external data and superpower your creations.

    Experimental JavaScript (Web Development track)

    Spectacularly interactive Web experiences push the limits of Web technology. Using WebGL — a JavaScript API that offers access to graphics hardware — you create these striking real-time 3D graphics in webpages and Web applications.

  • Program Highlights

    Who Should Enroll

    • Aspiring front-end Web developers and beginners interested in Web design, mobile design, UX/UI, or Web development
    • Project managers and marketing professionals who want to maximize ROI through strong visuals
    • Designers developing their coding skills and Web designers familiarizing themselves with the new features in HTML5, CSS3, and ECMA6

    What You’ll Gain

    • Knowledge of the best methods for coordinating project stakeholders to deliver cohesive customer experiences and dynamic user interfaces 
    • The ability to design and develop a strong front end, format code and text with an editor, set up file paths and directories, optimize images for the Web and mobile, manage resources and links, and plan for accessibility
    • An understanding of typography principles for the Web 
    • The ability to set up and work with popular APIs like Twitter, Instagram, GIPHY, Twilio, and the New York Times

    How You’ll Learn

    • Engaging video lectures and interviews with industry experts
    • Direct interaction with faculty practitioners at the top of their fields
    • Online collaboration in small classes, supported by video conferencing 
    • Project-based learning focused on developing real-world skills and portfolio assets
    • Flexibility to review course content and complete assignments at any time
  • Why Open Campus?

    Welcome to a community of groundbreaking thinkers. At Open Campus, you have the freedom to reimagine your career path in the cross-disciplinary environment that you can find only at Parsons School of Design — the top-ranked accredited art and design school in the United States.* Our dynamic network of faculty scholars and working professionals are united by the same vision and values, and a drive to innovate. Discover new possibilities in professional education at Open Campus, making connections across industries and advancing your knowledge in unexpected ways. 

    *Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings (2020).

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