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  • Creative professionals in the 21st century navigate a networked global culture. Our cross-disciplinary programs based in advanced studio practice and research prepare you for a future that doesn’t yet exist. You benefit from small seminars and studios and work closely with faculty to plan an individualized study path. Our labs and research institutes facilitate collaboration with peers throughout The New School, and our NYC setting connects you to unique learning opportunities outside the classroom.

  • Graduate Programs

  • Parsons is part of The New School, a comprehensive university offering a range of studies, providing you with a broad learning community and numerous opportunities. You benefit from collaborative projects that bring together students from across the university, minors enabling you to tailor your education, and partners who enrich your research and guide your making.
  • Parsons offers an array of graduate minors designed to broaden your skills and expand your career options. These structured study pathways immerse you in disciplines outside of your primary field and expose you to new ideas and alternative modes of research and practice.

  • Parsons graduate faculty comprises world-renowned scholars and practitioners who lead their industries and academic fields. You work closely with them, benefitting from their scholarship and professional experience and networks.

  • Expanding design practices and research

    A new practice-based research doctoral program—offered collaboratively by Parsons and Melbourne, Australia–based RMIT—enables practitioners to broaden their academic and professional horizons. Students matriculate through RMIT’s Practice Research PhD program and pursue research at Parsons School of Design in NYC to earn their RMIT degree.

  • Beyond the Classroom

    Deepen your studies and prepare for a career while still in school through internships, study abroad courses, and industry engagements with our extensive network of partners from a range of organizations and businesses.
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      New York City’s thriving creative industry and cultural institutions are part of your Parsons education. Our Career Services Office is enmeshed in the art and design industries and can help you advance your career with industry-oriented internships.

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      Funded Opportunities

      Funds earmarked for graduate travel, research, and work support your study. Opportunities include paid teaching assistantships, research fellowships and assistantships (including ones offered throughout The New School), ample student employment, and other grants available to U.S. domestic and international students alike.

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      Industry Engagement

      Connect to the organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs driving global creativity and commerce. In classes, internships, and extracurricular projects, you gain marketable problem solving skills in sectors ranging from government and nonprofits to tech and creative industries.

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      Research Labs

      Research is integral to the Parsons learning experience, and students and faculty work together to challenge existing paradigms and advance emerging scholarship and practice. Explore the thematic research laboratories housed at Parsons and throughout The New School.

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      Making & Academic Resources

      As a Parsons student, you enjoy access to extensive resources including New School libraries, computer labs, archives, and studios, along with Parsons’ state-of-the-art Making Center, facilities offering a broad array of tools to support your creative and academic growth.

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  • Advising ensures that your studies and the professional skills you develop on campus take you toward your goals. Academic and career advisors assist throughout your journey, from orientation to the job search. They help you explore opportunities, make informed decisions, and prepare for life after Parsons, including completing all requirements.

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