Continuing Education

  • Continuing education classes at Parsons at Open Campus offer students a window on new worlds, challenges to the traditional divisions between art and design disciplines, forums in which to make new friends, and launchpads for newly defined careers.

    Take Classes in the Evening or on the Weekend

    Our non-degree courses are open to all students, regardless of their level of experience. Working artists and designers are encouraged to consider continuing education as a means of learning new technologies and developing game-changing concepts in their fields. For the professional prepared to make the leap into design, Parsons at Open Campus courses can be a preliminary step toward a career change. These courses allow you to sample a new art or design discipline before deciding to enroll in one of our certificate programs or move on to an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Communication, Communication Design, or Interior Design here at Parsons.


    Spring 2020 registration is open now.

    Continuing Education

    Spring 2020 Dates

    January 21, 2020 - Online and on-campus courses begin


    Parsons at Open Campus offers a large selection of non-degree continuing education courses each term. Classes can be taken for credit or on a noncredit basis, on campus or online. Disciplines include Business of Design, Digital Design, Fashion Business, Fashion Design, Marketing, Fine Arts, Graphic and Digital Design, Interior Design, Healthier Materials and Sustainable Buildings, and Photography.

    For those seeking more structure, noncredit certificate programs are also offered in each area of study.