• Profile:

    Sarah Palmer was born in San Francisco and lives in Brooklyn. She was awarded the 2011 Aperture Portfolio Prize and has had solo exhibitions at Wild Project in 2010, and at Aperture in fall 2012, both in New York. Her work has also been exhibited at the Foam_fotografiemuseum in Amsterdam, which holds her work in its permanent collection. Her work has been published in recent years in the Metropolis issue of Aint-Bad Magazine, the artist zine Queen by Silent Face Projects, Conveyor Magazine’s “Alchemy” issue, and London-based Plantation Journal issue number 4, “Sculptural Geometry,” among others. She has been self-publishing a series of artist books: Waves in 2015/16, Sea Garden in 2016, Bending the Bow in 2017, and Spring Opens Like a Blade in 2018.

    Research Interests:

    art criticism,art history,photography,video