• Profile:

    Participation and Function are the underlying themes of my work. From the beginning of my art career I was very much fascinated by how certain functional objects and social spaces play a major role in the formation of our cultural behaviors. The primary focus of my work has been to establish certain connections between objects and spaces to their functional and social purpose. As an artist who is engaged in the processes of interactivity and connectivity, I define my work as a form of "post political cultural service". What unify my works are their functional qualities and the experiences for which they create for my audience. They operate on cultural assumptions as well as trying to engage the viewer as a critical and crucial participant that confronts norms of art while redefining the boundaries of social spaces and rituals.

    Research Interests:

    drawing,fabrication,furniture design,installation,sculpture

    Current Courses:


    Space/Materiality: (Spring 2021)