• Profile:

    Maxcine DeGouttes is a fiber artist whose focus is on exploring the creativity within the yarn. For more than five decades she has been knitting, crocheting and teaching many generations of fiber enthusiast. Her approach of looking at the fiberarts as fashion is a perfect marriage between the fiber, the color and the stitch patterning.  My teaching approach is to help you develop a design independence while you learn the technical aspects of the art of knitting. 

    Maxcine owned a local yarn shop in Brooklyn for ten years and is the co-founder of the Kings County Fiber Festival. Her fiber creations are enjoyed on many continents worldwide.

    Prior to her professional yarn years Maxcine was worked for many decades in custom publishing, advertising and manufaturing for the magazine industry negotiating print contracts and quality control at the side of the industrial printing press. Maxcine worked for Disney, Marvel Entertainment and Newsweek.

    Degrees Held:

    Bachelar of Arts

    Research Interests:

    Knitting techniques from around the world and travel.

    Current Courses:

    Hand Knitting 1 (Spring 2020)