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    Maëlle Doliveux is a French and Swiss illustrator and comics artist who has lived all over the world, from New Jersey to New Zealand. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Nottingham, and graduated from the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay program at the School of Visual Arts. In her spare time she enjoys restoring theremins, desert marathoning, and making up fake hobbies for herself in her biographies.

    She is also the co-founder, along with editor Josh O'Neill, of Beehive Books - a boutique publishing company focused on comics and illustration. She is the company's creative director and in-house designer.

    Her work can be seen on her website:

    Degrees Held:

    BArch - University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK
    MFA Illustration as Visual Essay - School of Visual Arts, NYC, USA

    Professional Affiliations:


    The New York Times, Newsweek, Holiday House, Holland-America Cruises, Theory Engine, Tihany Design, The Boston Globe, Motorola, Moleskine, Sesame Street, Charlex, IFC, Passion Pictures, UCB comedy, SpongeBob Squarepants Comics, Dial Tone Pictures, Mercury magazine, Vulture, Footwear News, City Paper (Philadelphia), the French Embassy of NY, Seven Stories Press.

    Recent Publications:


    Good Night, Wind, written by Linda Elovitz Marshall & illustrated by Maëlle Doliveux. Holiday House, 2019.

    I WILL LIVE FOREVER, Beehive Books, Fall 2020.


    The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde, illustrated by Yuko Shimizu. Beehive Books, Fall 2018.

    The Willows & Other Nightmares, by Algernon Blackwood, illustrated by Paul Pope. Beehive Books, Fall 2018.

    The Island of Doctor Moreau, by H.G. Wells, illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz. Beehive Books, Fall 2018.

    LAAB magazine, first two issues edited by Ron Wimberly and Josh O'Neill. Beehive Books, 2018-2019

    Peter Pan, by J.M. Barrie, illustrated by Brecht Evans. Beehive Books, Spring 2020.

    The Blazing World, by Margaret Cavendish, illustrated by Rebekka Dunlap. Beehive Books, Spring 2020.

    Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoevsky, illustrated by Dave McKean. Beehive Books, Spring 2020.

    Research Interests:

    Editorial Illustration, Comics, Children's Books, Book Design, Fabrication, Advertising Illustration, Puppeteering, Stop Motion Animation, Performance

    Awards And Honors:

    Society of Illustrators Gold & Silver medal, SoI 55, SoI 57, Art Director's Club Silver Cube & Bronze Cube, Communication Arts Design Competition, American Illustration, CMYK Magazine, 3x3, Creative Quarterly, Visual Opinion magazine, Illustrative Young Illustrator's Award Nominee.

    Her work has also been shown at the Korea Society of New York, the Monmouth Museum, the Mehu Gallery, Direktorenhaus (Berlin) and as part of the Society of Illustrators gallery at MoCCaFest 2013.

    She was a Kickstarter Creator in Residence in Summer 2018.

    Current Courses:

    Language and Letterform

    Senior Thesis 2 (Spring 2020)