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    Loretta is part-time Assistant Professor in Parsons' MFADT program (2002-current). She has an MFADT degree (Parsons, 2002) and Master’s Degree (MAT) in English Literature and California Standard Secondary School Teacher’s Credential.  Loretta was a founding member of the small NYC public school, Quest to Learn (Q2L) and member of its Design Team from 2008-2014. She is co-author of Quest to Learn: Developing the School for Digital Kids (2011: The MIT Press). In her prior life she was Senior Sponsoring Editor  for K-12 Teacher Education books and materials at Houghton Mifflin (Boston). Her projects and publications include: Video: In Classrooms (HM); Parsons Thesis Project: On a Full Moon: Integrating Story and Literacy Skills; StoryKaleidoscope: Character Point-of-View; Quest to Learn Design Dimensions Rubrics; "Look Duck Feet: Kinderboard on Kindertable Goes to School"; Literacy Inventory Protocol: Pedagogical Tool for Iterative Prototype Design, presented at the CHIkids IDC conference (2005) Current projects include interactive narratives for young children with correlated phonemic awareness (word sounds) activities -- shown to be predictors of successful literacy development. 


    Degrees Held:

    B.A. English Literature (The Modern Novel) 

    MAT Secondary Standard Teachers Credential (English/History)

    MFADT Parsons 2002 (Thesis: On a Full Moon: Integrating Story and Literacy Skills )

    Professional Affiliations:

    ACM (Association Computing Machinery) SIGCHI (Computer Human Interaction) 

    NCTE (National Council Teachers of English) 

    ISLS (nternational Society of the Learning Sciences)


    Recent Publications:

    See Bio 

    Research Interests:

    Learning Science (socially-mediated, constructivist learning) 

    Systems Thinking 

    Interaction Design



    Current Courses:

    Thesis Studio 1

    Thesis Studio 2 (Spring 2021)