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    John Parham - National Brand Thought Leader

    John Parham, co-founder of Parham Santana – The Brand Extension Agency, has 25+ years experience helping national brands extend and revitalize in the retail world. John's positioning and brand extension strategies for clients have guided long-term multi-billion-dollar retail programs for thousands of products at major national retailers in every channel of distribution – including Walmart, Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Macy's. John's unique perspective is based on a client base that includes direct involvement with a comprehensive client roster, including major national retailers, national brands, licensing agents, as well as manufacturers.



    Degrees Held:

    Pratt Institute, M.S. Communication Design – 1983

    Avon Scholarship recipient


    University of Louisville, B.S. Studio Arts, Photography Concentration – 1980

    Allen and Marcia Hite Scholarship recipient


    Recent Publications:



    "The Best (and Worst) Brand Extensions of 2013" ­– January 6, 2014

    AdWeek published online survey; produced by AdWeek and Parham Santana


    "Long-Term Brand Extensions – How to Succeed Where Most Fail" – 2013

    By Dr. Edward M. Tauber and John Parham


    "The Best (and Worst) Brand Extensions of 2012" – February 4, 2013

    AdWeek published online survey; produced by AdWeek and Parham Santana


    "10 Ways to Extend Your Brand – Based on a Study of 500+ Brands" – 2012

    By Dr. Edward M. Tauber and John Parham




    LIMA Bottom Line – July / August 2014

    "Licensing Careers," John Parham interviewed by Marty Brochstein


    HOW Blog ­– 2012 to 2013

    "Brand Extension Guru," guest writer John Parham


    Retail Leader / Progressive Grocer – January 1, 2013

    "Line Extension Overload: Can Too Many Choices Cannibalize Sales?"


    New Products Magazine / Progressive Grocer – Spring 2013

    "Bring Brands to Life – How New Product Brand Extensions Invigorate Sales and Drive Excitement"


    New Products Magazine / Progressive Grocer – Spring 2013

    "The New Products Matrix – 4 Proven Strategies for Identifying and Launching Successful New Products"


    Advertising Age – August 23, 2012

    "How to Extend Your Brand Without Stooping to Outrageous Gimmicks”


    Inc. Owners' Manual – November 20, 2012

    "2 Simple Keys to Define Your Brand" John Parham interview by Jeff Haden


    Amex Open Forum – March 2012

    "Add High Powered People to Your Team Without Actually Hiring"


    Amex Open Forum – September 2012

    "The Dirt-Cheap Answer to Focus Groups"


    Brand Packaging – September 1, 2012

    "The Two Secretes of Brand Extension Success"


    Fast Company – September 5, 2012

    "Five Classic Strategies for Growing Your Brand Equity"


    Brand Packaging – September 26, 2011

    "10 Ways to Extend Your Brand"


    HOW Design – November 30, 2011

    "2 Keys For Successful Brand Extension"


    LIMA Bottom Line – October, 2011

    "Are You Following the 10 Ways to Extend Your Brand?"


    Performances And Appearances:


    LIMA Roundtable / Licensing EXPO – Las Vegas, June 2015

    "How to Win at Retail: The Five Rules" 


    Packaging That Sells Conference / Brand Packaging Magazine, Chicago – October 2014,

    "What the Muppets Taught Us About Connecting With Consumers" 

    (The Sesame Street Global Packaging Refresh)


    Toy Industry Association / New York Toy Fair – February 2013

    “Winning at Retail”


    Shopper Marketing Summit / Path to Purchase Institute Events, Chicago – October 2010

    "Optimizing Seasonal Decorations Share of Wallet” (In-Store Merchandising for Target Halloween)




    LIMA / International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association – November 2014

    "Defining the Brand Beyond the Obvious – Strategic Thinking to Optimize Brand Opportunities"


    LIMA / International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association – November 2013

    "Long-Term Brand Extensions – How to Succeed Where Most Fail"


    Research Interests:


    • Proven Principals of Brand Positioning

    • Using Research to Focus and Validate Brand Solutions

    • Brand Story Telling and Content Strategy

    • The Role of Brand Architecture

    • The Power of Brand Extension and Licensing

    • Retail Packaging and Merchandising Design

    • Sales and Marketing Communication


    Awards And Honors:


    Pratt Distinguished Alumni Creative Spirit Award / Black Alumni of Pratt – 2011 

    John Parham (M.S. '83) and Maruchi Santana (M.S. ‘83) recipients


    CLS/Certificate of Licensing Studies / Certified Licensing Executive – 2005

    One year in-depth study of the business of licensing – and the industry’s only training ground

    to become a Certified Licensing Executive (CLE)




    Current Courses:

    Marketing, PR and Branding

    Marketing, PR and Branding (Spring 2020)