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    My expertise is digital retail branding. I created the emarketing class at Parsons in 1995 and have watched the industry mature from a very strategic perspective. 


    In 1994 Joan Abraham segued from fashion marketing into new media marketing, using fashion and style, entertainment and the medium of video to create online content for Branding.   As principal and founder of StyleBranding,Inc. Abraham’s focus on the Internet environment for brand building over the last 22 years has created new merchandising and marketing paradigms for a global marketplace. Her understanding of the proper voice and emotional pull needed online creates a distinct rapport between the individual and the brand. Her services adapt to any brand or individual looking to communicate and promote online. She is currently consulting on the Future of Fashion and Retail and Building Brand Awareness through Social Media .

    While in New York she produced new media prototype campaigns for General Motors, Cadillac, Chrysler Corporation, NBC-TV, Phillips Van Heusen, and ABC-TV among others. 

    In 2010 she launched Detroit Pockets of Cool, an online marketing campaign to change the negative image of a very dynamic city, Detroit. Detroit Pockets of Cool, and the website, has been developed to rebrand the perception of Detroit through video stories of it’s people, while providing access to the vibe of this city to a global community. 

    Two groundbreaking events in Ms. Abraham’s career clearly demonstrate her ability to deliver this relationship between the brand and the consumer. While based in Chicago Ms. Abraham produced two one-hour specials for the Oprah Winfrey Show using a unique program format. These specialized programs resulted in a 45% increase in retail advertising for WLS-TV in Chicago. 

    In 1989 Ms. Abraham launched a network of video walls in shopping centers across the country presenting a dynamic video format for place-based advertising. Research conducted on the response to the advertising reported that 68% of the mall traffic recalled 
    seeing the programming, and of those 33% made a purchase as a result of what they saw.  

    During her career she has been responsible for executing press events, public relations campaigns, and producing promotional events and fashion shows nationwide.

    Degrees Held:

    B.A. University of MIchigan

    Professional Affiliations:

    Adcraft Detroit

    MIchigan Women's Foundation

    Eisenhower Dance



    Research Interests:

    advertising,branding,fashion marketing,social media,video

    Current Courses:

    Social Commerce (Spring 2020)