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    Assistant Professor Anson Seeno, a 1970s Lower East Side pioneer, is a digital composer who uses pixel technology and traditional art-making experience to create a visual language of perspective and multi-planar imagary. He likes the experience of visiting foreign locations to record images for use in his work. On his excursions, he relishes seeing how things are done and thought about differently and specific to those cultures. Back in the studio, he puts to work his translations to better shape and reshape his art.  As well, that information advances explorations done in his Parsons seminars.  

    Anson began his English teaching career over 20 years ago in Korea and he has been teaching in Manhattan since then. He received the Cambridge English Language Teaching to Adults certification in South Africa in 2003, and he has been part time faculty at Parsons since 2004. Art and design, architecture, music, fashion, and culture are constant topics in Anson Seeno's classroom.

    One part of Seeno's interest in American culture is collecting POP Art. His collection includes Kenny Scharf and Keith Haring who were his classmates before graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1981.  Anson Seeno founded

    Performances And Appearances:

    Anson Seeno is the earliest American to have a one-person exhibition in The Socialist Republic of Viet Nam's first privately owned art gallery.

    Current Courses:

    ESL 1700 High Intermediate (Spring 2020)

    ESL 1800 Advanced (Spring 2020)