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    M.A. In TESOL Education, University of Chichester/University of Southampton, England; RSA Certificate, University of Cambridge, England. I have been teaching English as a Second Language for over 18 years in both Brazil and the US, including the past seven years at Parsons. I have also taught at The English Language Studies Certificate Program in TESOL at the New School University and at the International English Language Institute at The City University of New York (CUNY). I have also worked as a teacher educator/trainer; curriculum developer; and program administrator. My areas of interest include: Second Language Acquisition; Teacher Development; Language Assessment; Curriculum Development and Critical Approaches to TESOL.As an educator I believe that any language-learning opportunity should broaden our critical thinking and increase our perception of what it means to be who we are in the global context. Therefore in our readings and discussions we always consider how an issue such as piracy in the fashion industry, for instance, might impact different stakeholders in different contexts and what consequences and implications such issue may have for each group involved. I also believe that looking at what makes us (me, you, the country we come from, our culture, language, education, background, and experiences) similar and/or different is an opportunity to broaden our perspectives and better understand who we are and the world around us. This, allows us to look at ourselves with more critical eyes and in turn make us more tolerant individuals.

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    Academic Writing 3

    Academic Writing 3 (Spring 2020)

    ESL 1800 Advanced (Spring 2020)

    Reading 5/6

    Reading 6: Topics in Culture (Spring 2020)