• A Management and Entrepreneurship methodology diagram.
  • The New School’s approach to management and entrepreneurship cultivates visionaries who can create change, manage the evolving workplace, and integrate classical business skills with groundbreaking innovation.

    Time-tested capacities in applied research methods, financial and business analytics, leadership and change, marketing and media, and strategy and innovation provide management students with an essential foundation. And curricula and projects involving high-demand skill sets and emerging fields — Design, Futures, Human Experience, Social Justice, and Systems — enable students to develop perspectives and values that set them apart in the marketplace. Graduates emerge with the entrepreneurial mindset, analytical rigor, and collaborative skills needed to lead organizations and launch new enterprises in all sectors.


    Design principles and methods play an increasingly important role in both the private and the public sectors. Bringing a design mindset to management can catalyze new ideas and provide a roadmap for leading and managing change. Students apply design methodologies as a means of cultivating creativity and empathy, developing aesthetic strategies, unlocking new business insights and entrepreneurial opportunities, enhancing performance, and improving quality of life.


    The pace of change across industries and society is accelerating daily, driving the need for new ways to imagine, anticipate, and shape alternative futures. Our students learn to apply foresight in a systematic, participatory way in long-term ideation, decision making, and strategic planning. Students learn to spot trends, identify patterns in emerging issues, and design scenarios that anticipate social, economic, and cultural change.

    Human Experience

    Purpose, emotional intelligence, and personal well-being are critical elements of productive and sustainable organizational cultures. Deep insights into human behavior can also spark ideas for new high-impact products and services. Students are guided in investigating the experiences of people — employees, clients, consumers — and applying this understanding to develop authentic relationships and thriving communities.

    Social Justice

    The success of organizations and start-ups is increasingly being measured in terms of their ability to foster equity, inclusion, and economic, environmental, and social good. Tomorrow’s leaders must be equipped to manage these considerations in guiding organizations toward long-term sustainability and success. Our approach to management is rooted in The New School’s long-held institutional commitment to social change promoting equity. Our students learn to redefine value in human terms, balancing financial outcomes with the potential for advancing social, environmental, and personal transformation.


    Organizations today are challenged to factor in the systemic forces transforming work settings and lifestyles. Our management students learn to embrace interdependencies, navigate complexity, and connect the dots between multiple perspectives. They become adept in designing holistic, resilient solutions addressing complex issues such as climate change, urbanization, technological disruption, and globalization.

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