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  • COVID-19 Update: Preparing to Go Abroad

    Because of uncertainties related to COVID-19, international programs continue to monitor travel restrictions and safety on the ground and are adopting new instructional models. As a result, you should prepare for study abroad keeping specific factors in mind: 

    • Stay Abreast of Program Updates: Be aware that decisions about program modification, including whether a program will offer instruction online or on-site, will be communicated to you directly by the program. It is your responsibility to monitor the communication; check and read your email to make informed decisions about your travel and the suitability of the modified program to your academic interest. If you decide to withdraw at any point before you leave to study abroad, please contact the Lang Global Program Office and your academic advisor immediately. Making a timely decision to withdraw is important and allows your academic advisor to assist you with alternative plans for the semester, including registering for Lang classes. Be sure to check the program’s withdrawal policy and deadlines to avoid financial penalties for withdrawing late.

    • Modified Program: Currently study abroad programs are changing their curricular structure, term duration, program schedule, and number of contact hours for class sessions. Some programs are offering only a set number of courses, limiting the choice available. It is important for you to discuss your program’s academic structure and courses with your academic advisor to ensure that the courses align with your degree plan and, most important, that the modified program will be eligible for mobility course credits. Other program changes may include housing options, price, billing, on-site orientation sessions, and in-country community engagement opportunities such as internships and excursions.

    • Travel and In-Country Challenges: Please be aware of COVID-19-related restrictions on travel and immigration, including possible quarantines upon arrival in the destination country. Depending on the ongoing situation in the country, there is also the possibility that your program will be suspended in the middle of the semester and the program will ask you to return to Lang. Program interruption comes with associated financial, logistical, and emotional costs.

    The Lang Global Programs office is working remotely until further notice due to the ever-evolving situation with COVID-19. Our phone lines will not be monitored during this period, but we will keep supporting you by email. Because of the high volume of incoming emails, our response to messages will likely be delayed. We prioritize our communication as follows: students currently studying abroad and exchange students studying at Lang for spring 2020, students planning to study abroad for fall 2020, and then all others.

    Fall 2020 study abroad: If you are a Lang student slated to study abroad in fall 2020 and you need assistance, please schedule an appointment with a Global Programs advisor through Starfish.

    Spring 2021 study abroad: If you are a Lang student slated to study abroad in spring 2021, please contact Global Programs in early August 2020.

    Incoming exchange students: If you are a student who has been nominated by your home institution to study at Lang in fall 2020, please contact the exchange advisor at your institution for updates on your application to Lang.

    Please keep checking The New School's updated information and advice on COVID-19 and the university's response. For Lang-specific notifications from Dean Stephanie Browner, please check Lang's COVID-19 announcements. Find additional resources (PDF) at program websites. 

    Lang's Faculty-Led Programs

    Do you want to study abroad for less than a full semester? Consider a short-term summer program taught by a Lang professor. In order to participate in any of these programs, you must be in good academic and disciplinary standing. If you choose to enroll, you are responsible for the program fee, airfare, and incidentals. All short-term courses have different program costs, so be sure to inquire in advance. For more information, please contact the faculty leading the course or the Dean's Office of Student Engagement and Global Programs at [email protected]

    To learn more and apply, please log in to MyNewSchool and click the red Go Abroad link under the Academics tab. If you have general application questions related to GoAbroad, please email our office at [email protected] or make an appointment via Starfish. 

    Application Dates

    Applications for summer programs will open on December 20. The deadline is February 7.

    Important note

    Apply for your passport immediately after you are accepted to a study abroad program to ensure that you receive it before the departure date. Do not apply for a travel visa (where applicable) until your program has been confirmed.

    2020 Programs 


    CANCELED: Paris — James Baldwin: Reading and Writing in France 
    Due to the current health crisis, the France faculty-led program has been canceled.
    Dates: June 1-30
    Credits: 6
    Tuition: $4,800 (Students are responsible for non-tuition costs, such as airfare)
    Presented in collaboration with our colleagues in Parsons Paris, which has had a presence in the city since the early 20th century, this study abroad seminar considers the life, work, and legacy of novelist, essayist, playwright, and poet James Baldwin (1924-1987). In 1948, Baldwin fled Jim Crow America for the comparative freedom of postwar Paris with only $40 in his pockets. We read his major fiction and nonfiction as well as other materials, consider the complex factors that led to his self-imposed exile, and explore his career as a writer in a city that also sheltered his one-time mentor, Richard Wright, and other African American writers and artists. We also look at what compelled Baldwin to return to the United States in 1957 and what finally prompted him to settle in the south of France after his turbulent involvement with the civil rights movement more than half a century ago. Students are asked to write two major pieces in response to Baldwin’s work, each of which is workshopped. In addition to guest speakers, the seminar also includes excursions to points of interest throughout the city and visits to salons of contemporary members of the African American and other American expatriate communities in Paris. Prerequisites: 3.0 minimum GPA and at least sophomore status by the start of the program. For more information on the content of the program, please contact Professor Richard Blint at [email protected].


    CANCELED: Berlin Kabarett at the Freie Universität Berlin 
    Due to the current health crisis, the Germany faculty-led program has been canceled.
    Dates: May 30-July 11
    Credits: 6
    Tuition: $4,800 (Students are responsible for non-tuition costs, such as airfare)
    Professor Zishan Ugurlu will offer Creating a Solo Performance: Berlin Cabaret/Kabarett, an acting course that introduces students to the research, writing, and performance techniques of solo performers. In German, the word Kabarett (“cabaret”) has two meanings. The first meaning is the same as in English: “a form of entertainment featuring comedy, song, dance, and theater.” The second meaning is “a kind of political satire.” Kabarett artists focus primarily on political and social topics, which they criticize using cynicism, sarcasm, and irony. While investigating cabaret in Europe, particularly in Berlin from 1901 to 1944, students will create solo performances based on a topic of their interest: the self, politics, social justice, or diaries, letters, and memoirs that relate to Berlin cabaret. Coursework includes attending and discussing performances at Berlin's top theater and cabaret venues. The Freie Universität in Berlin also offers a variety of other classes that students can take at an additional expense. For more information on the content of the program, please contact Professor Zishan Ugurlu at [email protected].


    CANCELED: Politics, Kinship, and Love 
    Due to the current health crisis, the Italy faculty-led program has been canceled.
    Credits: 6
    Tuition: $4,800 (Students are responsible for non-tuition costs, such as airfare)
    Verona is one of Italy's most beautiful provincial capitals, with a rich and varied artistic and architectural heritage. The Lang program consists of two courses, Romeo and Juliet: Politics, Love, and Kinship, taught by Professor Paul Kottman; and an Italian literature and language course, taught by a professor from Italy. Students explore sites in Verona and around Veneto. Optional excursions may include performances at the Verona Opera and the Shakespeare festival and a day trip to Venice. Arrangements are made for students to stay with host families. Prerequisites: 3.0 minimum GPA and at least sophomore status by start of the program. Prior knowledge of Italian is preferred but not required. Due to the current health crisis, this program has been canceled.


    CANCELED: Edinburgh — Theater and Performance: Art Making in an Unpredictable World
    Due to the current health crisis, the Scotland faculty-led program has been canceled.
    Dates: August 7-21
    Credits: 6
    Tuition: $4,800 (Students are responsible for non-tuition costs, such as airfare)
    See contemporary theater and cutting-edge dance, listen to classical music, and tour the Scottish Highlands. Experience the vibrant medieval city of Edinburgh and the surrounding breathtaking landscape through travel and art. This course will engage students in critical thinking about performance and creating art in an unpredictable world through the lens of the actor, director, and playwright. Students will see performances at the Edinburgh Fringe and International Festivals, read critical texts and plays, create a digital journal or blog of their travels, and work on either classical monologues or a piece of creative writing. No previous acting experience is necessary. This is a six-credit Lang Integrative Arts Course (LINA). Info sessions on Thursday, January 23, at 5:45 p.m. and Wednesday, January 29, at 5:30 p.m. or by appointment. For more information about the program, contact Professor Cecilia Rubino at [email protected].

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