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    Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts
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    Program Contacts

    Director of Undergraduate Studies and Departmental Faculty Advisor for Politics
    Quentin Bruneau

    Assistant Professor, Politics
    [email protected]

    Student Success Advisor for Politics
    Chris McElderry
    Assistant Director of Student Success Advising at Lang
    [email protected]

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  • The Politics program at Lang gives you the tools to critically analyze power relations, both formal and informal, as they vary across different political, social,and economic systems. In studying politics, you analyze old debates, examine current issues, and develop a commitment to critical thinking. Our objective is to contribute to the formation of critical thinkers who are also passionate actors in the polity that they inhabit.

    • Study Options Major, Minor

    To study politics is to study power, authority, and decision making in all their forms and locations, from large national institutions to neighborhoods and families. Who has power? Who has authority? How are both used and contested? As a Politics student at Lang, you investigate historical and contemporary arguments and initiatives involving values and forms of government. You blend empirical, historical, and theoretical work with interdisciplinary perspectives from fields such as philosophy, anthropology, sociology, and economics.

    Politics students gain in-depth knowledge of areas including:

    • Civic engagement and political action
    • Law and political institutions in comparative perspective
    • Theories of political processes and institutions
    • Global politics
    • The politics of difference and inequality
    • Government, markets, and regulation in making and implementing public policies

    Major requirements

    Minor requirements

    Capstone Projects

    The major culminates in a senior capstone project. UNDERPOL, Volume IV (PDF), a journal written and edited by Politics seniors, features recent capstone theses on a variety of topics.

    Connecting to New York City

    While it offers the atmosphere and intimacy of a small college, Eugene Lang College is part of The New School, a major progressive university in New York City. Our location offers opportunities to explore the major political issues of our time at close range—including civil liberties, immigration, socioeconomic inequality, and environmental concerns. In addition, you can work with local community organizations and other groups engaged in vital urban policy issues including policing, education, housing, and immigration.

    Career Paths

    The Politics major prepares students to pursue advanced study and careers in many fields, including national and international public service, education, journalism, activism, law, and entrepreneurship. Above all, it prepares you for a lifetime of critical and constructive engagement with your communities and the world.

    Consult our 4-Year Lang Career Pathways Map (PDF) for helpful steps and resources to link your academic journey to your future plans. If you are planning to pursue graduate studies in politics, consider applying to the Bachelor's-Master's program, which enables you to earn graduate credits that will apply to both your Lang degree and a graduate Politics degree at The New School for Social Research.

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