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  • Lang offers more than 350 courses each year. Below are a few examples. Students also have access to many of the more than 1,700 courses offered throughout the university. To see degree and minor requirements, visit the Academic program pages.

  • Featured Fall 2023 Courses

    Each semester, our faculty design hundreds of relevant courses that reflect the latest cultural, political, and social developments. Here’s a snapshot of some of the current courses that are available for you to choose from.

    • Children don’t speak, think, or behave like adults. In a parallel fashion, the French don’t speak, think or behave like the English; the English don’t speak, think or behave like North Americans; and so on. This course takes this parallel seriously, exploring the lives of children, the life-spaces ...

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    • This course examines borders as sites of political struggle and laboratories for political innovation. Our focus for Fall 2023 will be the deportability-mobility-continuum that operates across the US-Mexico border, read in comparative perspective with similar dynamics elsewhere in the world. At a th...

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    • The sublime as a philosophical concept refers to that which exceeds rationality: the incomprehensible beauty and horror of the spirit and the natural world. But if the sublime is irrational (literally, cannot be subjected to logic) how can we make sense of the various ways that it is mediated by the...

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    • [Track C] One of the great textile traditions the world has inherited goes back to the ancient Andean peoples of Peru. Their weaving and textile-making has lasted several thousands of years. Having been preserved in desert graves for millennia, these textiles are precious documents of an entire civi...

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    • This course will explore how gender and sexuality shape the lives of people around the world through a feminist approach to economic inquiry. We will study a number of competing theories and scholarly approaches to help us understand the ways constructions of gender and sexuality—as well as race and...

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    • In this course, students will work with a historian and podcast producer team - collaborators on the acclaimed podcast “Welcome To Your Fantasy” - to understand the nature of historical narrative and the power of “microhistory;” study the history of audio storytelling in the United States and the si...

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    • Ready to put your ideas into motion? This class will cover the fundamentals of motion design, and how it can be used as a powerful tool for journalistic storytelling. Students will gain familiarity with Adobe After Effects, learning step-by-step how to create & design lower thirds, infographics, and...

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    • This course takes up questions of gender, sexuality, performance, and sound in art since 1945. Sexual politics have been understood almost exclusively in terms of visual and textual markers, yet their entanglement with the sensory and philosophical register of sound is extensive. Gender and sexualit...

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    • Systems of Psychotherapy is an introduction to and survey on the major systems of psychotherapy, with a focus on historical movements and outcome research. The course will review psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, existential, person-centered, interpersonal, cognitive behavioral, multicultural, and inte...

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  • Social justice education is integral to Lang’s identity, mission, and values. We recognize that this learning is lifelong. In light of the global actions in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and conversations around elections, anti-Blackness, racism, and oppression, we assembled this list of current course offerings centered on equity, inclusion, and social justice.

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