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  • Lang offers more than 600 courses each year. Below are a few examples. Students also have access to many of the 1,700 courses offered throughout the university. To see degree and minor requirements, visit the Academic program pages.

  • Featured Spring 2024 Courses

    Each semester, our faculty design hundreds of relevant courses that reflect the latest cultural, political, and social developments. Here’s a snapshot of some of the current courses that are available for you to choose from.

    • Classical Hollywood—the period of American cinema when the major film studios were at the apex of their power and craft (roughly 1915-1960)—was and continues to be the subject of intense criticism from the right and the left, and from artists working both outside of and within the industry. This cou...

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    • How is it possible for humans to move in the multitude of ways that we do? This studio/seminar course asks the mover to consider and embody anatomical information as a springboard for dancing. Students explore how the body functions through actions and interactions of its structures, while utilizing...

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    • Our experience of the world is shaped by the culture in which we live, on one hand, and by the nature of our mind, on the other. The exploration of culture and the exploration of the mind are the realms of two disciplines, anthropology and psychology, whose methods and theory unfortunately often cl...

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    • We analyze social and political factors affecting public health in urban environments. Currently over half of the globe’s population now lives in cities, a proportion that’s projected to increase to 70% by 2050. Inequitable and inefficient urban planning can lead to built and social environments tha...

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    • We will consider space, place, and ecology through a range of Black, Native, decolonial feminist approaches. Our aim is to understand the different ways that these concepts have been understood and the important role they have in respective feminist theories of racial and colonial oppression, as wel...

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    • Christian theology is often depicted as a violent colonial force standing in particular opposition to LGBTQI lives. However, over the last 30 years people of faith, activists, and theorists alike have rediscovered what is queer within Christianity, uncovered what is religious within secular queer co...

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    • This class serves as an introduction to Global Studies. The focus is on the tension between order and justice as it plays out across the contemporary world, from war to migration, to the changing roles of the state, international institutions, transnational actors, and citizens. A governing metaphor...

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    • Since 2008, the world economy has been struct by a major catastrophe, that has spread from the financial markets to thedepths of the production framework, resulting in a lack of investment, massive unemployment, persistent inflation, etc.Despite the attempts by business and governments to mend the f...

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  • Social justice education is integral to Lang’s identity, mission, and values. We recognize that this learning is lifelong. In light of the global actions in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and conversations around elections, anti-Blackness, racism, and oppression, we assembled this list of current course offerings centered on equity, inclusion, and social justice.

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