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  • Chiara Bottici

    Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of Gender Studies


    Office Location
    D - Albert & Vera List Academic Center - 6 East 16th Street

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    Chiara Bottici


    For me, history of philosophy and a critical theory of society are two sides of the same coin: our interest for the past always reflects the standpoint of the present, but one cannot understand the present without navigating our past. I see philosophy as a critical tool in a constant dialogue with other disciplines, as well as an endeavour entangled with other practices for sense making such as literature and psycoanalysis. I have written on critical theory, the history of European philosophy (particularly early modern), capitalism, feminism, post- and de-colonial studies, contemporary social and political philosophy, and aesthetics. 



    Degrees Held

    1999, Laurea di dottore in filosofia, University of Florence. Dissertation  title: "The Analogy between States and Individuals"

    2004, PhD in Social And Political Science, European University Institute. Dissertation title: "A Philosophy of Political Myth"

    Recent Publications


    Anarchafeminism. (Bloomsbury, expected publication December 2020).

    Per tre miti, forse quattro (Manni Editore, 2016); English expanded and revised translation A feminist Mythology (Bloomsbury, forthcoming 2020).

    Imaginal Politics: Images beyond the Imagination and beyond the Imaginary (Critical Theory Series, Columbia University Press, 2014)

    Imagining Europe: Myth, Memory, and Identity, co-authored with Benoit Challand (Cambridge University Press, 2013)

    The Myth of the Clash of Civilizations, co-authored with Benoit Challand (Routledge, 2010)

    A Philosophy of Political Myth (Cambridge University Press, 2007; paperback, 2010, italian translation)

    Uomini e stati. Percorsi di un'analogia (ETS, 2004); English trans. Men and States (Palgrave, 2009)

    Edited Volumes

    Feminism, Capitalism, and Critique: Essays in Honor of Nancy Fraser, co-edited with Banu Bargu (Palgrave, 2017)

    The Anarchist Turn, co-edited with Jacob Blumenfeld and Simon Critchley (Pluto Press, 2013)

    The Politics of Imagination, co-edited with Benoit Challand (Routledge, 2011)


    Selected Articles

    Anarchafeminism: Towards An Ontology of the Transindividual" Pubic Seminar, March 7 (2018)

    • Spanish translation: “Anarcafeminismo” Reporte Sexto Piso, September 12 (2018)
    • Italian translation “Anarcofemminismo” in Progressive Politics, edited by Enrico Biale and Carlo Fumagalli, Fondazione Feltrinelli, Milano, pp. 32-50
    •  French translation “Pour un Anarchaféminisme”, Libération, 15 November 2018

     “Imagination, Imaginary, Imaginal: Towards a New Social Ontology?” in Social Epistemology, 33:5, (2019) 433-441

    “Who is afraid of The Myth of the State? Remarks on Cassirer’s Forgotten Manuscript” Social Imaginaries, 3.2 (2017) 213-227

    • German translation: 'Wer hat Angst vor Cassirers "The Myth of the State",' Mythos und Tabula rasa. Absoluter Anfang und totale Auslöschung als Denkform, ed. Yves Bizeul and Stephanie Wodianka (Munich: Bielefeld, 2017), 59-76.

    “Bodies in plural: Towards an Anarchafeminist Manifesto.” Thesis Eleven, Vol 142, 2017, pp.99-111

    • Spanish translation: „Cuerpos en plural: hacia un manifiesto anarca-feminista”, in FEMERIS: Revista Multidisciplinar de Estudios de Género, no. 3 (2019): 224-245,
    • French translation: "Anarcha-féminisme et l'ontologie du transinidividuel," La Deleuziana, no. 8, (2018): 88-104.

    “From imagination to the imaginal: Politics, spectacle and post-Fordist capitalism.” Social Imaginaries 3.1: 61-81 (2017) 

    “Rethinking the biopolitical turn: from the thanatopolitical to the geneapolitical paradigm.” Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 35(1):175-197 (2015)

    • Portuguese translation in: Razão política e acontecimentot (Political reason and the event), ed. by A. Montoia, and N. Avelino (Contrassegnos: Sao Paulo, 2017)
    • Spanish translation forthcoming in: Dorsal. Revista de Estudios Foucaultianos

    “Democracy and the spectacle: On Rousseau’s homeopathic strategy.” Philosophy and Social Criticism41(3):235-248 (2015)

    “Another Enlightenment: Spinoza on myth and imagination.” Constellations 19(4):1-19 (2012)

    • Italian translation: “Oltre la dialettica dell’illuminismo: Spinoza su mito ed immaginazione.” In Ordo et Connexio. Spinoza e le scienze sociali, ed. N. Marcucci (Ghibli: Collana Spinoziana, pp. 109-139 (2012)
    • ​Expanded and revised Italian translation: “Un altro Illuminismo: Immaginazione e mito in Spinoza.” Etica e politica. Rivista di filosofia. online
    • ​Spanish translation: “Más allá dialéctica de la llustración: Spinoza, sobre el mito y la imaginación.” Signos filosóficos XII:137-172 (2012)  

    “Imaginal politics.” Thesis Eleven 106:56-72 (2011)

    • German translation: “Imaginal Politik.” kultuRRevolution - Zeitschrift für angewandte Diskurstheorie 71: issue 2 (2016)
    • Spanish translation: “De la política de la imaginación a la política imaginal in Revista temas y debates: revista universitaria de ciencias sociales, edited by Gastón Souroujon y Hernán Fair (2018), n. 36, pp. 21-39

    “Frankfurt School.” In The Encyclopedia of Political Science, ed. G.T. Kurian, vol. 2, pp. 614-616 (Washington, DC: CQ Press [Sage], 2011) 

    “Imagining human rights: Utopia or ideology?” Law and Critique 21(2):111-130 (2010) 

    “The politics of imagination and the public role of religion.” Philosophy and Social Criticism 35(8):985-1005 (2009)

    • Italian translation: “La politica dell’immaginazione ed il nuovo ruolo pubblico della religione.” Iride 55:617-640 (2009)

    “Philosophies of political myth. A comparative look backward: Cassirer, Sorel and Spinoza.” European Journal of Political Theory 8(3):365-382 (2009)

    “Rethinking political myth. The clash of civilisations as a self-fulfilling prophecy,” co-authored with Benoit Challand. European Journal of Social Theory 9(4):315-336 (2006)

    “The domestic analogy and the Kantian project of perpetual peace.” Journal of Political Philosophy 11(4):392-410 (2003)

    • German translation: “Kant und das Problem der domestic analogy.” In Globale Gerechtigkeit, ed. J.C. Merle (Stuttgart: Frommann-Holzboog), pp. 475-487 (2005)

    Research Interests

    Modern philosophy, social and political philosophy, feminism, LGBTQ+ issues, coloniality, psychoanalysis, aesthetics, philosophy and literature.

    Current Courses

    Gender and Domination

    Gender and its Discontents

    Gender and its Discontents

    Gender and its Discontents

    Global Critical Theory

    Global Critical Theory

    Global Critical Theory

    Independent Study

    Independent Study (Fall 2019)

    Spinoza (Fall 2019)

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