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    A.W. Strouse


    A.W. Strouse is a queer poet-scholar with a background in medieval studies. 

    Degrees Held

    Ph.D., English, CUNY (2017).

    M.Phil., English, CUNY (2014).

    M.A., Medieval Studies, Fordham (2012).

    B.A., Liberal Arts (Interdisciplinary Science & Literary Studies), Eugene Lang (2008).

    Professional Affiliation

    PEN America; Brooklyn Wayfarers (Board Member); Babel Working Group; Medieval Academy; MLA

    Recent Publications

    Poetry Collections


    • Form and Foreskin: Circumcising the Textual Body in Patristic Exegetical Theory & Middle English Poetic Practice (under review)

    Journal Articles

    • “Macrobius’s Foreskin,” Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 46.1 (2016): 7-31. 
    • Sir Orfeo as a Critical/Liberal/Art,” post-medieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies 6.4 (2015): 478-84.
    • “‘We Play at Paste’: Glossing Fytt XIII of the Pearl with Emily Dickinson,” Glossator 9 (2015): 251-63.
    • “Getting Medieval on Graduate Education: Queering Academic Professionalization,” Pedagogy 15.1 (2015): 119-38.
    • “‘In te consumere nomen’: The Politics of Naming in Ausonius’s Mosella,” Names 62.4 (2014): 189-201.
    • “Misogynists as Queers in Le Livre de la Cité des Dames,” Romanic Review 104.3-4 (2013): 251-71.

    Exhibition Catalogues

    Multi-Media Exhibitions

    • Pastelería Ideal (RÝMD, Iceland, 2019).

    Selected Essays

    • “#MedievalToo,” Inside Higher Education (2018)
    • “Why We Need Greater Linguistic Diversity,” Inside Higher Education (2017)
    • “How to Cultivate Greater Linguistic Diversity,” Inside Higher Education (2017)
    • "I Got the Donald Trump Blues," Good Man Project (2017)
    • “The Best Lists of 2016,” Inside Higher Education (2017)
    • “Transcending the Job Market,” Chronicle of Higher Education (2017)
    • “A Queer Confession,” Inside Higher Education (2016)
    • Beowulf among the Ruins,” Chronicle of Higher Education (2016)
    • “Teacher’s Pet,” Chronicle of Higher Education (2016)
    • “The Consolation of Asceticism,” Chronicle of Higher Education (2015)
    • “Academe’s Circular Firing Squads,” Chronicle of Higher Education (2014)
    • “Corporeality in the Classroom,” Glasgow Review of Books (2014)
    • “The Antigay Blood Ban and What It Means to be Gay” (2012)

    Short Film

    • “Mono Generation”: Chicago Underground Film Festival; Dallas VideoFest; Experimental Forum (Winner, "Best Documentary"); Somerville Film Festival; Toronto Film Week

    Individual Poems & Stories

    • Our Town NY, Anamesa, Artists Under Order, Composite, IDK, Impact, inPrint, Jerk Poet, Porchlight, Upstart

    Performances and Appearances

    Lectures and Panel Discussions

    "Medieval Englishes/Trans Poetics," King's College, London, 2019. 

    "De-Grading," Hunter College, 2019.

    “Beginnings and Endings,” Eugene Lang, First-Year Writing Talk, 2018.

    “The Foreskins of the Poets,” Eugene Lang, Literary Studies Talk, 2018.

    “Literary Theories of Circumcision,” Hunter, English Department Tea, 2017.

    “How to Write in Rhyme Royal,” MLA Convention, 2017.

    “Peter Abelard as a Queer Theorist,” 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan, 2014.

    “Sir Orfeo as Poet, King, Historian: Towards a Poetics of Literary History,” A BABEL Symposium, CUNY GC, 2013.

    “‘I wolde his eiʒe were in his ers and his fynger after’: Langland's Queer Dystopia," 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan, 2012.

    "In te consumere nomen: The Onomastic Consumption of Nature in Ausonius's Mosella," 36th International Patristics, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies Conference, Villanova, 2011.

    "Religious Readers, Secular Authors: the Recycling of Divine Love by Late-Medieval Women in the Findern Manuscript," 35th Annual Mid-America Medieval Association Conference, Missouri-Kansas City, 2011.


    Recent Readings

    First-Year Writing Faculty Reading, Eugene Lang, New York, Sept. 2018.

    Punctum Books Reading, Bluestockings, New York, Sept. 2018.

    Shakespeare & Company, New York, Oct. 2018.

    Wayfarers, Brooklyn, Oct. 2018.

    BGSQD, LGBTQ Center, New York, Nov. 2018.


    Research Interests

    poetry and poetics; prosody; odes; ekphrasis; the lyric; sonnets; art writing; docu-poems and experimental cinema; medieval hermeneutics, exegesis, and rhetorical theory; narratology; female mysticism; medieval theology; sex/gender/sexuality/eroticism and form and embodiment and sensuality; socio-historical linguistics and non-standard Englishes and macaronic verse; folk songs; rurality; food studies; post-critical/radical pedagogy.

    Awards And Honors

    Grant, “Immersive Anglo-Saxon Pedagogy," CUNY, 2018

    Grant, “Open Educational Resources," CUNY, 2018

    Prize, “Most Distinguished Dissertation," CUNY, 2017

    Prize, “Best Documentary," Experimental Forum, 2017

    Current Courses

    Augustine & Poetics Confession

    Chaucer: The Art of Irony

    Getting Medieval in Modern Art

    Invention of Literature

    Invention of Literature

    Invention of Literature: DSC

    Writing the Essay I

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