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  • Policies and Procedures

    Specific policies and procedures govern the activities of each function of Finance and Business. Click on the function below to see the related documents.

  • Procurement and Open Competition Compliance

    The following policy will guide all sourcing decisions.

    • The Procurement Department shall employ all best practices in a good-faith effort to include minority and/or women-owned businesses (MWBE) in the competitive sourcing of goods and services to the University and in accordance with applicable Board policy.
    • All significant transactions, as determined by the director of Strategic Sourcing and Contracts, in consideration of associated monetary value, risk, and other relevant factors, shall be competitively sourced under the management of the Procurement Department.
    • The principal vehicle for competitive sourcing is Sourcing Events. A Sourcing Event is defined as a formal method of receiving detailed and comparable proposals from different suppliers for a defined product or service. It is a comprehensive document that should provide all the required information needed to make an informed procurement decision. All Sourcing Events shall be issued and administered in a fair and transparent manner to ensure that no advantage is given to any single bidding party.
    • All information received shall be handled in an appropriate discretionary manner by all university parties to protect the commercial and competitive interests of all parties.
    • The director of Strategic Sourcing and Contracts or other Procurement personnel shall evaluate all proposals in cooperation with the client department and other constituent parties as deemed relevant.
    • Under most circumstances, it is assumed the resulting contract shall be awarded to the low-price bidder; however, proposals shall be evaluated with the objective of maximizing overall value, and a vendor other than that offering the lowest price may be selected. Other factors to be considered include (but are not limited to) ability, availability, expertise, financial condition, financial arrangement, or contractual terms that might render an alternate selection more feasible. In such cases, the reasons for such selection shall be clearly documented.
    • The director of Strategic Sourcing and Contracts shall submit the recommended proposal and associated documentation to the Senior Director of Business Operations for review and development (in consultation with the Office of General Counsel) of a contract document.
    • All information regarding pricing, vendors, and bid procedures is confidential to the university and will not be distributed to any person or any company unless approved by the director of Strategic Sourcing and Contracts. Please contact the Procurement Department with any questions or comments at eprocurement@newschool.edu or x3733.

    Credit Card Policy

    Applying for a University Credit Card

    All credit cards issued by The New School will be linked to the Workday Expense online expense reimbursement interface. 

    The New School works with the Visa card program at Bank of America. In order to request a card, you must complete the Application for University Issued Credit Card (DOC).

    Once you receive a university-issued credit card, you must accept responsibility for its protection and proper use as outlined in the Agreement and the Policies and Procedures pages on the Application for University Issued Credit Card. The university will audit the use of the card. You understand that the card is to be used for approved New School purchases and that you will source the purchases through New School-preferred vendors and contracted suppliers.

    Limits on your line of credit will be established by your manager or approver.

    The New School has the right to terminate a university-issued credit card at any time for any reason.

    Contact Gay Florio (floriog@newschool.edu) or Jecelyn Montero (monteroj@newschool.edu) for additional information.

    Online Expense Reimbursement Process

    Beginning July 1, 2016, all New School travel and expense reimbursement reports should be submitted for processing through MyDay Expense. 


    Using a university credit card is a quick and efficient way to procure general supplies from The New School's suppliers. By making purchases with a university credit card, you can reduce processing time and paperwork such as purchase orders, invoices, and checks. Many vendors have online ordering systems, which allow you to make purchases at your convenience.

    Please use your credit card for any purchase under $250. If the vendor will not accept a credit card, contact the Procurement Department.

    The Procurement Department no longer accepts requests for purchases for less than $1,000 from vendors on the preferred list with university credit card accounts. Orders can be placed directly with these vendors. Consult the preferred vendors list frequently for updated information.

    Contact the Procurement Department at eprocurement@newschool.edu or 212.229.5323 x3733 with any questions.

    Accounting Policies