• Student Housing and Residential Education at The New School is designed to provide social and educational support for students during their studies. Offices including Student Disability Services and Student Health Services, in conjunction with the Student Housing and Residential Education, help ensure that students with disabilities or special needs have access to our housing program.

    Student housing is more than just a place to shower and sleep; it is a thriving community of students living, learning, and growing together. It is our expectation that students living in housing honor this philosophy by being active members within their residences and taking advantage of social and educational programs and services. Suite and floor meetings, workshops, and group cultural outings are just some of the many programs offered for students.

    Thus it is important to know that part of a student's housing privilege is a responsibility to commit to living within a community of other students. Students who are expecting a large degree of privacy and solitude may need to rethink whether the housing program is the best choice. While solitude and privacy are essential parts of the educational process, living in the housing community involves being able to negotiate with other students to ensure everyone's needs are respected. Students who are not committed to living in a community should reconsider housing as an option.

    Physical Accessibility

    The vast majority of our residences are wheelchair accessible, with wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. The university does not provide transportation for any of our students, but there are public transportation resources available, including accessible bus and train information and Access-a-Ride information. Students with hearing or visual-based disabilities can contact Student Disability Services with specific accommodation concerns.

    Examples of housing accommodations provided in recent semesters include height-adjustable furniture and shelves, placement in a wheelchair-accessible residence, and installation of strobe lights.

    Note on Single Rooms and Private Bathrooms

    While the committee will review requests for single rooms, the provision of a single room as an accommodation is not common. Single rooms are not guarantees of privacy or of a quiet environment. Single rooms are also not guarantees of an allergen-free environment. A single room will not prevent a student from having to interact and negotiate living arrangements with other students, such as alone time, sleep patterns, and study schedules. Bathrooms are shared but are single user, meaning bathrooms are meant to be used by only one person at a time. This is true for both suite-style residences and corridor residences.

    Office Contact Information

    The University offers the following resources to assist students:

    • Student Disability Services: 212.229.5626
    • Student Health Services: 212.229.1671; select option 1 for Counseling Services, option 2 for Medical Services
    • Student Housing and Residential Education: 212.229.5459

    It is important to realize that students often receive the housing placement they want simply from going through the housing application process. Thus, even if the committee does not agree that a particular housing placement is a reasonable accommodation, the student may still receive that placement from the housing office based on availability, application priority, and other factors. Questions and concerns can be brought to the attention of Student Disability Services by calling 212.229.5626 or emailing [email protected].

    Please note: In order to make a request for a special housing accommodation due to a disability or medical condition, the student is required to complete this form. Supporting documentation of the request from a licensed practitioner (medical doctor, psychologist, etc.) must also be included for the Housing Accommodations Review Committee (HARC) to consider any request. An acknowledgment letter will be sent to the student in hard copy or via email once a request has been received. Incomplete requests will not be reviewed. Requests for the academic year (fall-spring) are reviewed by the committee beginning in May. Other requests will be reviewed based on availability of the committee.

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    Student Disability Services
    63 Fifth Avenue, room 425
    New York, NY 10003
    [email protected]
    Fax: 646.993.6677

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