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    Our Staff

    Rebecca Hunter, Vice President, Integrative Enrollment Analytics for Student Success and University Registrar

    Hiromi Ishizu, Assistant Registrar for Operations
    Budgets, hiring, security, website maintenance

    Records and Registration

    Alina Baboolal, Associate Registrar for Academic Records and Registration

    Erika Hichez, Assistant Registrar for Academic Records,
    Grading issues, transcripts, student record coding, exit forms

    Luisa Caro, Records Office Assistant
    Coding transactions, interdepartmental record requests, change of grades

    Manjushree Burdekar, Assistant Registrar for Registration
    Registration setup, troubleshooting, and special registrations

    Evette Fredrick, Registration Assistant
    Registration transactions and exit forms

    Travis Dickison, Registration and Records Analyst
    Data and project management, mass registration

    External Credit and Degree Conferral

    Grace Fend, Associate Registrar for External Credits and Degree Conferral
    Analyzing and processing external credit, exceptions

    Hanen Abboud, Assistant Registrar for External Credit
    External credits, degree conferral, evaluation, articulation

    Terry Biggs, External Credit Office Assistant
    Transcript credit evaluation and exceptions

    Leslie Gerber, Assistant Registrar for Degree Conferral
    Degree audits, degree verification, diploma services, exceptions

    Andrea Swaby, Degree Conferral Assistant
    Degree audit, graduation processing, and completion of degree verification

    Andrew Fontaine, Degree Audit and Graduation Analyst
    Degree Works, exceptions, and transfer credits

    Innovation and Implementation

    Maxwell Tremblay, Director of Innovation and Implementation
    Effectiveness analysis, process improvement, software implementation

    Kay Saida, Assistant Director of Innovation and Implementation
    Effectiveness analysis, process improvement