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        Philosophy Student Handbook

    • The Philosophy department of The New School for Social Research has inherited a legacy of critical thinking and public social and political engagement from thinkers such as Hannah Arendt, Hans Jonas, and Agnes Heller and is rooted in the belief that philosophy reaches beyond academia. Our faculty and alumni are as likely to be found writing in the pages of the New York Times or protesting in the streets as they are publishing in academic journals or lecturing at Oxford and Frankfurt.

      Our graduate degree programs in Philosophy are designed to be more creative and flexible than traditional programs. Founded on a fierce commitment to intellectual freedom, our vibrant intellectual community is a place where divisions between Continental and Analytic and philosophy and politics, anthropology, literature, and classics become obsolete.
      The graduate curriculum centers on a mix of problems-based and historically oriented courses. Areas of particular strength for our faculty include ancient philosophy, critical theory, existentialism, German idealism, feminist thought, French structuralism, phenomenology, post-Analytic philosophy, pragmatism, psychoanalysis, social and political philosophy, and philosophies of art, language, mind, and nature. 
      Within the Philosophy department, MA and PhD students can study ancient Greek, Marxist critiques of capitalism, emerging scientific discoveries in artificial intelligence, and animal ethics and politics or spend a semester or year focusing deeply on a single classic philosophical text such as Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason or Spinoza’s Ethics. Students and faculty also develop independent studies on topics ranging from philosophical anthropology, philosophy of trust, and narrative to Leibniz, Hume, and Aristotle.

      Philosophy Degrees

      The department offers intellectually rigorous programs of study, each with its own requirements.

      Featured Courses

      The courses in Philosophy combine deep intellectual analyses of important philosophers with a robust and comprehensive survey of important ideas. Pairing an understanding of both thinker and thought creates a context in which to understand underlying concepts and examine bigger intellectual implications.

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