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  • Inter-University Doctoral Consortium

  • The New School for Social Research is a member of the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium (IUDC), along with schools of the universities listed below. Students in approved doctoral programs at these institutions have the opportunity to take courses at any other participating institution after securing the approval of their academic advisor and home school IUDC coordinator, the course instructor, and the host school's IUDC coordinator. Students must be in a doctoral track, and the course taken may not be identical to courses offered at the home institution.

    At The New School for Social Research, P.J. Gorre, coordinator of Academic Affairs, serves as IUDC coordinator for consortium approval purposes. Students in the final semester of their MA degree and in a doctoral track must obtain special permission from Tsuya Yee, assistant dean of Academic Affairs, before applying to take a consortium course; first-year MA students are not eligible to participate.  

    Inter-university cross-registration forms, guidelines, and procedures are available in the Office of Academic Affairs. Students register and pay tuition at their home institutions for all courses offered through the IUDC, but there may be special fees payable to the host institution. Students cross-registered in the IUDC can use the libraries of a host institution while enrolled in its courses. Summer IUDC courses are not available to New School students.

    Registration Instructions

    1. Download and print the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium Registration Form (PDF).
    2. Fill out all parts of the form clearly and legibly to ensure accurate registration and grade reporting.
    3. Obtain signatures in the following order only (signatures will not be given out of order):
      1. Home school chair or program director
      2. Home school IUDC coordinator
      3. Course instructor
      4. Host school IUDC coordinator

    How to Register at Home and Host Schools

    For NSSR Students:

    Obtain the consortium course number from your student advisor and register for the course by following your advisor's registration instructions.

    Give one copy of the Consortium Registration Form to the consortium administrator at the host school and follow the registration instructions of the host institution. It is your responsibility to find out about the registration procedures of the host institution.

    The original Consortium Registration Form must be returned to The New School. Make a copy for your own records. Be sure the course title is written clearly, since we will use this to update the title on your final record. 

    Tuition is calculated by and paid to The New School only. Lab fees or other additional charges, if applicable, may be assessed by the host institution at the time of registration.

    Obtain information about an ID card for the host institution from the school's consortium office.

    For Students Visiting NSSR:

    Complete the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium Registration Form 

    Fill out all areas of the form clearly and legibly for accurate registration and grade reporting. Be sure that you have provided your email address, including zip code, as well as a phone number and email address at which we can reach you in addition to all NSSR course information.

    All courses with the following subject codes are eligible to be taken through the IUDC: GANT, GECO, GHIS, GPUB, GLIB, GPHI, GPOL, GPSY, GSOC. No other New School courses will be offered for IUDC enrollment. NSSR does not accept registrations for audit or "R-credit" status.

    Obtain signatures in the following order only (signatures will not be given out of order):

    1. Home school department chair, director of Graduate Studies, or advisor 
    2. Home school dean or IUDC coordinator
    3. NSSR course instructor
    4. NSSR IUDC coordinator

    Bring your form to the NSSR IUDC coordinator only after obtaining the first three signatures. NSSR will accept an email from the course instructor that gives explicit permission to join the class in lieu of a physical signature. The other two permissions must be physical signatures. Instructor permission to join a class does not constitute guaranteed enrollment in the course. You will be contacted if there is a registration issue.

    NSSR needs three to four days to process your registration and enrollment. You may drop off your form at the Office of Academic Affairs, 6 East 16th Street, Room 1007, Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Once the form has been processed, you will be contacted by email.

    If you need to drop your IUDC course, please contact the NSSR IUDC coordinator.

    The NSSR Office of Academic Affairs will send your grade to your home school approximately three weeks after the end of the term in which you took your course. If you have not received a grade at NSSR by that time, please contact the NSSR IUDC coordinator when your grade has been posted in the NSSR system, and he will send your transcript to your home school. At NSSR, all incompletes must be resolved by one year from the beginning of the term in which you took the course.

    For further questions, please contact the IUDC office of either your home or host school, as applicable.

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