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  • Miriam Steele

    Professor of Psychology (Clinical) and Co-Director of Center for Attachment


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    G - 80 Fifth Avenue

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    Miriam Steele


    I am a Professor of Psychology, Director of Clinical Psychology at The New School for Social Research, and Co-Director of the Center For Attachment Research. My work aims to bridge the world of psychoanalytic thinking and clinical practice with contemporary research in child development. My research began with the study “Intergenerational Patterns of Attachment,” which embodied one of the first prospective longitudinal studies incorporating the Adult Attachment Interviews and Strange Situation protocols. This work was important in initiating the concept of “reflective functioning” and providing empirical data to demonstrate the importance of parental states of mind in the social and emotional development of their children. I am also interested in the field of adoption and foster care with a view to understanding the impact of attachment representations from both the adopters and the children's point of view. Currently, my main area of research is an NIH funded study on the efficacy of an innovative attachment-based intervention with high-risk families, a collaborative venture with colleagues at the Rose Kennedy Center, Albert Einstein School of Medicine. I am also conducting research on the intergenerational transmission of body and attachment, and am investigating family relationships in the context of Assisted Reproductive Technology.

    Degrees Held

    PhD 1990, University College, London

    Recent Publications

    Bekar, O., Steele, M., Shahmoon-Shanok, R., & Steele, H. (2018) Mothers’ Mental State Talk and Preschool Children’s Social-Behavioral Functioning: A Multidimensional AccountJournal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy, 17:2, 119-133.

    Archer, M., Steele, M., Lan, J., Jin, X., Herreros, F., & Steele, H. (2015). Attachment between infants and mothers in China. International Journal Of Behavioral Development, 39(6), 485-491.

    Steele, M., Steele, H., Bate, J., Knafo, H., Kinsey, M. Bonuck, K., Meisner, P. & Murphy, A. (2014) Looking From the Outside In: The Use of Video in Attachment-Based Interventions. (.pdf) Attachment & Human Development, 16, 402–415.

    Murphy, A., Steele, M., Dube, S.R., Bonuck, K., Meissner, P., Bate, J., Goldman, H., Steele, H. (2013) Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Questionnaire and Adult Attachment Interview (AAI): Implications for Parent Child Relationships. (.pdf) Child Abuse and Neglect, 38, 224-233.

    Beebe, B. & Steele, M. (2013) How does microanalysis of mother-infant communication inform maternal sensitivity and infant attachment? (.pdf) Attachment & Human Development, 15, 583-602.

    Research Interests

    • Intergenerational Patterns of Attachment
    • Attachment based Interventions
    • Prevention of Maltreatment
    • Adoption and Foster Care
    • Intergenerational Transmission of Body Representations
    • Family relationships and Assisted Reproductive Technology

    Awards And Honors


    $15,000 Co-Investigator with Sabine Seymour: “The Body as Metaphor” New School Research Cluster Award


    $900,000 Co-Investigator: "Birth to Three: A Pragmatic Clinical Trial for Child Maltreatment Prevention Extramural MCH Research" (MCHR) Program Award R40MC23629-01-01


    Center for Attachment Research website

    Future Courses

    Clin Sup & Consultation
    GPSY 7008, Spring 2022

    Development & Psychopathology
    GPSY 6281, Spring 2022

    Independent Study
    GPSY 6990, Spring 2022, Summer 2022 - Paris

    Independent Study
    LPSY 3950, Spring 2022

    Senior Work Project
    LPSY 4001, Spring 2022

    Past Courses

    Child&Adol Global Men Health
    GPSY 6440, Fall 2021

    Child&Adol Global Men Health
    UTNS 5144, Fall 2021

    Clinical Externship Seminar 2
    GPSY 7010, Fall 2021

    Independent Study
    LPSY 3950, Fall 2021, Spring 2021

    Independent Study
    GPSY 6990, Fall 2021, Spring 2021, Summer 2021

    Senior Work Project
    LPSY 4001, Fall 2021, Spring 2021

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