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  • Earn a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in a program open to transfer students, adults, and other nontraditional undergraduates. Study the science of the mind, behavior, and human experience and gain broad knowledge in areas including human development, personality, psychopathology, social and organizational behavior, language and cognition, and neuroscience. The program combines academic study with research training and a senior capstone.

    • Degree Bachelor of Arts
    • Credits 120 (up to 84 transfer credits)
    • Format Full-time or part-time, on campus (some classes available online)
    • Start Term Fall or Spring

    Career Paths

    Course offerings at The New School prepare students for graduate study in academic or applied psychology, including at The New School for Social Research's renowned psychology programs, and in psychology-related human service fields such as social work and counseling.

  • Learn from and work with faculty mentors who are academic scholars and professional leaders in psychology fields.

  • Featured Courses

    • For years, psychological research was shaped by a belief in universality that effectively ignored the impact of culture. Recently culture has received more serious consideration in psychological theory. Psychologists have begun to examine cultural influences on moral development, cognition, and m...

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    • Psychological science demonstrates that appearance matters, influencing our judgments of the character and well-being of others as well as our sense of self. Nonetheless, “appearance matters” as an integrated field of psychological inquiry is just beginning to take shape. This course provides an ove...

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    • How has Western psychology understood the concept of gender? How have conceptualizations of gender changed over time? Over the past 35 years, feminist psychologists have challenged what we study, whom we study, how we study, and what (we think) we know about gender in psychology. Feminist psychol...

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    • In this course, we look at how personality can be understood through a variety of theoretical perspectives, including psychoanalytic, trait-based, biological, behavioral, cognitive, and humanistic approaches. We also examine personality assessment using a variety of approaches and explore persona...

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  • The Psychology program introduces students to cutting edge research and contemporary theory in order to understand human thought, emotion, and behavior. Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of culture and context and is uniquely ‘New School’ in situating Psychology within a larger interdisciplinary landscape. Our graduates engage in a range of pursuits including graduate study in Psychology, Social Work, and Organizational Behavior, or working directly in the non-profit and for-profit sectors.

    Lisa Rubin, Associate Professor of Psychology
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