• Advising is integral to helping students in the Adult Bachelor’s Program attain their professional and personal goals. Advising in the program is provided primarily by Core Faculty Advisors, a select group of instructors with broad knowledge of The New School and the liberal arts. You are assigned a Core Faculty Advisor in your first semester who will work with you throughout your studies to develop a coherent plan of study that not only assists you in attaining your degree, but also positions you for what comes next.

    You should meet with your Core Faculty Advisor at least once a semester, and we recommend more frequent meetings as needed. Advisors are available to meet with you in person, as well as by phone or via Skype.

    Plan Your Program in a Dedicated Course

    The Pathways to Learning course is an efficient and effective way to address many new student needs in a group setting. The course provides a community-building point of entry for new students and an opportunity to learn about The New School, the history and purposes of higher education, and the nature of liberal arts education. You will gain or improve core skills, especially in communication (written and oral), research, problem solving, and critical thinking. During this course, you will also develop an individualized degree plan to guide you through the completion of your degree. The course is taught by Core Faculty Advisors on a rotating basis.

    Designing a Degree Plan

    Because you may either self-design your liberal arts curriculum or select a more structured major, the Degree Plan is an essential part of your educational experience. The Degree Plan identifies core competencies and establishes a practice of self-reflection as part of your ongoing educational process. The Degree Plan is intended as a guide, not a contract, for you and your advisor. It can be revised as goals, circumstances, and resources change and may serve as a tool for self-assessment. Core Faculty Advisors work with students on perfecting and polishing this plan throughout their academic career at The New School.

    Core Faculty Advisors

    Core Faculty Advisors are instructors who have a nuanced understanding of the curriculum, policies, and structures of the Bachelor's Program for Adults. Core Faculty Advisors are the primary point of contact for students who have any concerns related to their academic program. The core philosophy of Core Faculty Advising is grounded in the following principles:

    • Self-determination: Students have the freedom to control their individual educational pathways.
    • Personalized and purposeful: We create an atmosphere that fosters an education and experience that is informed, purposeful, individualized, and tailored to each student's needs and goals.
    • Ongoing support: Core Faculty Advising is an essential element of this program, particularly in supporting the further development of informed citizens who see education as a critical part of their career path and lifelong growth.
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