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  • Earn a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies in a program open to transfer students, adults, and other nontraditional undergraduates. Global Studies majors critically investigate complex global processes and issues, including migration and mobility, environmental injustice, economic inequality, and social movements. You learn to think across disciplines and contribute creative solutions - locally and globally - for bringing about a more equitable world.

    • Degree Bachelor of Arts
    • Credits 120 (up to 84 transfer credits)
    • Format Full-time or part-time, on campus
    • Start Term Fall or Spring

    Innovative Curriculum

    Global Studies students critically examine power structures and analyze pressing issues, introducing them to contexts and causal dynamics that help them develop innovative responses to current issues. Students learn to think across disciplines and scales, understand our own implication in how things came to be, and pursue innovative responses to seemingly intractable problems.

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    Interdisciplinary Excellence

    The New School offers the BA in Global Studies as part of the university's suite of cross-college, interdisciplinary undergraduate programs, which includes Global Studies, Environmental Studies, and Urban Studies. These interdisciplinary programs are designed to prepare students for the new careers of the 21st century.   

    Career Paths

    The program combines academic study with internships and other fieldwork opportunities in New York City and abroad. Graduates are prepared to pursue careers in the non-profit sector, public service, international organizations, global media, development, the arts, research organizations, education, government, and law, as well as graduate study in the social sciences, and more.

  • Global Studies students learn from and work with faculty who are scholars and practitioners from a variety of disciplines and professions around the world, including advocacy, community organizing, and international law.

  • Featured Courses

    • How might we think about gender beyond the Western canon? This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to question the dominance of Western gender theorizing by analyzing how and where it has been produced, and then looking at how it has been marshaled, critiqued, changed, or ignored by moveme...

    • This course is designed as an introduction to the basic concepts and principles of public international law. The object is to provide students with a working knowledge of the structural foundations of international law and the relevant bodies through which it is effected -- states, international ...

    • How do states define their interests and responsibilities regarding migration flows, border controls, immigrant integration or relationships with diasporas? How do the resulting migration policies impact the movement of people (or lack thereof) and migrants' political, economic and civic engageme...

    • This course will investigate the epistemological foundations of development, the role of foreign interventions, and the foundational role of Africa in Western thought, in order to consider pathways into more Afrocentrically focused ways of being. From so-called natural disasters such as drought a...

    • Is inequality the price of growth? Rising inequality seems a relentless accomplice of rapid economic change. In India and China, the world's most populous and fastest growing countries, the very wealthy are swelling at staggering rates as an emerging middle class transforms society through new pa...

    • This interdisciplinary course critically examines the politics of violence as it relates to Indigenous lands and bodies. Students work to develop an understanding of the range, scope, and tactics of colonial violence/power, both past and present, and systematically explore how Indigenous lands an...

  • In Global Studies we work to connect analyses of global hegemony with the study of colonialism and white supremacy. Doing this requires us to rethink what we know and the structures and hierarchies in which we operate. We are continuously working through these issues to improve our curriculum, events, communication, initiatives, and community building, and create better spaces for our students.

    Alexandra Délano Alonso, Chair and Associate Professor of Global Studies
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