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    Admission Contact
    Merida Escandon Gasbarro
    72 Fifth Avenue, 1st floor
    New York, NY 10011
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    Program Contact
    Lauretha Slaughter
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  • Curriculum

    The MS in Public and Urban Policy is awarded for successful completion of 42 credits. The curriculum consists of two core courses, six required program courses, and five electives. In the capstone Advanced Seminar, students work with a client to analyze real-world issues and present solutions.

    The program introduces students to critical thinking, policy analysis and memo writing, persuasive communication, case studies, qualitative research, quantitative data sets, and applied learning experiences.

    NURP 5001/NURP 5005 Economics for Management and Public Policy3
    NURP 5013 Quantitative Methods3
    Required Courses
    NURP 5032 Public Management3
    NURP 6002 Policy Analysis3
    NURP 5008 Political Economy of the City3
    NURP 6010 Urban Policy Lab6
    NURP 5011 Public Finance and Fiscal Management3
    NURP 6008 Advanced Seminar in Public and Urban Policy3
    Elective Courses
    You can choose your five electives from graduate course offerings across The New School, opening up many possibilities for acquiring expertise in a particular area.

    Positive Real-World Impact

    Our curriculum trains students to communicate across differences and foster public service and social justice values in ever-changing political and organizational environments. The program produces leaders with solid analytical skills, an in-depth understanding of management and political strategies, and the ability to work effectively with people, especially in teams. Graduates leave with the tools and skills to challenge to the status quo and a passion for policymaking that changes people’s lives for the better.

    Electives and Subject Areas

    In consultation with an academic advisor, you choose five electives from a wide range of courses offered by the Milano School on policy, management, and environment and by other graduate programs at the university. You have the option of using your electives to pursue one of several subject areas. At least one elective must be an approved international course.

    Graduate Minors

    You can also use your elective courses to complete one of the university’s graduate minors, which provide a structured, accessible way to complement your primary course of study with with fresh ways of thinking. Your graduate minor is officially recorded on your transcript.

    Internships, Field Programs, Exchanges

    Public and Urban Policy MS students apply their skills and gain valuable experience in a wide range of settings—local and global.

    • We strongly encourage adding internship experiences to your classroom learning. Internship experience is especially important if you have limited work experience or you are making a career change.
    • Students can participate in the International Field Program—a nine-week summer opportunity for emerging practitioners and researchers to gain experience in the field in an academic environment.
    • Sciences Po in Paris is an exchange partner allowing students to study abroad while maintaining New School student status, paying tuition to The NewSchool, and retaining most financial aid.
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