• Profile:

    One of her most recent interests is the Guatemala Textile Project (see: She is passionate about preserving heritage by reworking existing pieces and producing contemporary garments.


    She has been a faculty member at Parsons since 1987 and has taught, Seniors, Sophomores and currently teaches Junior Studio, Couture and Tailoring. She has written two books, Altered Clothing (Quarry Books) and Integrating Draping, Drafting and Drawing (Fairchild Publishers), curated a Parsons gallery exhibit highlighting the work of Donald Brooks and has received her MS Ed. from Bank Street College of Education. She has taught at Pratt Institute and is currently teaching at FIT.

    Degrees Held:

    BFA, Moore College of Art and Design

    MS Ed., Bank Street College of Education

    Research Interests:

    zero waste, heritage preservation, sustainability, cross-cultural awareness, garment design and construction, photography, iconic inspiration

    Current Courses:

    Creative Technical Studio 1 (Fall 2018)

    Creative Technical Studio 2