Associate's Degrees

  • Parsons Academic Associates

    Graduates in Demand

    The AAS degree programs are best suited to students with college experience who are clear about their interests in the field of design and prepared for rapid immersion in a professional course of study. Our students enter the school as experienced attorneys, bankers, teachers, stockbrokers, and chefs. When they graduate from Parsons, they are merchandisers, fashion designers, graphic artists, and interior designers versed in the language, process, and technology of their new fields.

    They are also highly sought-after talents on the job market: Among AAS degree graduates from 2008, 96 percent of employed survey respondents found work related to their major.

    Flexible Learning

    Students can complete their degree in two to four semesters of full-time study, depending on the number of transfer credits they bring to their AAS program. For students who work, the program offers part-time study, with classes held in the evening. For further flexibility, many courses are offered online. 

    Real-World Experience

    Challenging, rigorous coursework defines Parsons' AAS programs. Courses and sequences are as intense as professional design work itself, and we encourage students to round out their training with internships at one of the many design-driven companies based in New York City. Access to job fairs and one-on-one career advising sessions give you a competitive edge upon graduation.