• Profile:

    Eliot Bergman, is a designer and educator. He also teaches at The Vantan Design Institute, Tokyo, and Mesei University, Tokyo.

    Corporate clients include American Express, AT&T, Bloomberg, Citibank and Disney. Publications include Bloomberg Markets, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune, Newsweek and Time.

    Work has been featured in The Adobe Illustrator Wow! Book, The Best Informational Diagrams, Everyday Diagram Graphics, Illustrator Art Studio, Photoshop and Illustrator Synergy Studio Secrets, Photoshop Studio Secrets, 3D & Web Masters and Visual Language for Designers.

    Degrees Held:

    Bachelor of Fine Arts, The Coooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

    Current Courses:

    Graphic Design 1 (Fall 2018)