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  • Dr.  Achilles Kallergis, Summer 2018

    Dissertation Title: Addressing the Need for Local Data: A Systematic Low-Cost Way for Monitoring Living Conditions in Informal Settlements

    Dr. Rebecca Hollender, Spring 2018

    Dissertation Title: Post-Growth in Practice: The Realities of Public Policy and Community Initiatives in Ecuador

    Dr. Claude Joseph, Spring 2018

    Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Foreign Aid, Institutions, and Development

    Dr. Calvin T. Brown, Fall 2017

    Dissertation Title: The Neighborhood Effect of Poverty Over Time: Identifying Poverty Thresholds Where Neighborhood Conditions Change

    Dr. Pooya Ghorbani, Fall 2017

    Dissertation Title: Homeownership After the Great Recession: Essays on “Owner-Ready” Families 

    Dr. Toni Castro Cosio, Fall 2016

    Dissertation Title: Dealing with Uncertainty: Infrastructures for Resilience in Urban Communities

    Dr. Johanna Taylor, Summer 2016

    Dissertation Title: Community of Arts, Community of Justice: Understanding the Social and Political Impact of the Arts in Urban Neighborhoods

    Dr. Zoe Hamstead, Spring 2016

    Dissertation Title: A spatial-temporal approach for understanding vulnerability and resilience to extreme heat in New York City

    Dr. Ruth Iguiniz-Romero, Spring 2016

    Dissertation Title: Unpredictable Shifts in Maternal Morality Prevention Policy Agendas, 1990 – 2010: Governance and Civil Society’s Participation in Peru

    Dr. Linda M. Silva Thompson, Spring 2016

    Dissertation Title: Moving from Rags – to – Riches: Together or Alone? Underground Cooperative Savings: An Ethnography of Workplace Rotating Savings & Credit Associations   

    Dr. Erwin Vincent DeLeon, Fall 2015

    Dissertation Title: Gay and Racial/Ethnic Identities, Perceived Discrimination, and Participation in Collective Action

    Dr. Riham Moustafa Hassan Moustafa, Fall 2015

    Dissertation Title: Evaluating the Institutional Environment for Entrepreneurship: A Cross-National Study on Arab Countries

    Dr. Lessie B. Branch, Spring 2015

    Dissertation Title: Paradoxical Ebullience: Discordance between Changing Black Racial Attitudes and Stagnation of Black Economic Progress

    Dr. Livia Yah-Sye Lam, Spring 2015

    Dissertation Title: A Case of Racialization and Immigration Policy: Conceptualizing Interest Group Theory

    Dr. Nancy Wai-Ling Lam, Spring 2015

    Dissertation Title: Impacts of Housing Assistance on Economic Self-Sufficiency: Incomes and Earnings among Conventional Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Families in New York City

    Dr. Angela Rachidi, Spring 2015

    Dissertation Title: State-level Welfare Policy, Job Type, and Long-term Earnings of Unmarried Mothers

    Dr. Ryan Buck, Spring 2014

    Dissertation Title: The Influences of the Post-9/11 GI Bill on Veteran Educational Attainment and Civic Engagement

    Dr. Megan Gavin, Spring 2014

    Dissertation Title: The Story of Parental Participation in Honduras: Closer to understanding how and why teaching-learning happens

    Dr. Philip Plotch, Spring 2014

    Dissertation Title: Why Does It Take More Than 30 Years to Finalize a Transportation Plan and What Are the Lost Opportunities?

    Dr. Milos Sugovic, Spring 2014

    Dissertation Title: Can Soda Tax Framing Affect Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages? 

    Dr. Charles Swift, Spring 2014

    Dissertation Title: What Explains Mental Health Utilization Among US-Based Afro-Caribbeans? Implications for Urban Mental Health Policy

    Dr. Jamie Taylor, Fall 2013

    Dissertation Title: Housing Assistance for Households Experiencing Homelessness

    Dr. Edward Summers, Spring 2013

    Dissertation Title: The Shifting Politics of Economic Development in the City of Beacon and Poughkeepsie: Implications for Small City Economic Development

    Dr. Rahsaan Harris, Fall 2012

    Dissertation Title: Are They Really 'Our Kind of People'? Does class or race affinity better describe the philanthropy of the black community?

    Dr. Rachael A. Petitti, Fall 2012

    Dissertation Title: The Integration of Primary Care in Behavioral Health Outpatient Setting: Identifying Unmet Medical Needs and Improving Access to Care 

    Dr. Adriana Gaviria Duque, Spring 2012

    Dissertation Title: Immigrant Micro Entrepreneurship: The Colombian Case in New York and New Jersey

    Dr. Julia Kohn, Spring 2012

    Dissertation Title: Loosely Evidence-Based: The Role of Research in U.S. Teen Pregnancy Policy

    Dr. Nadia Mian, Spring 2012

    Dissertation Title: The Redevelopment Activities of Historic Religious Institutions in New York 

    Dr. Shoshanah B. D. Goldberg-Miller, Fall 2011

    Dissertation Title: The Role of Arts and Culture in Modern Cities: Making Art Work in Toronto and New York

    Dr. Marjorie Anne Visser, Fall 2010

    Dissertation Title: Race, Poverty and State Intervention in the Informal Economy: Evidence from South Africa

    Dr. LaChelle Bailie, Spring 2010*

    Dissertation Title: Refugee Resettlement: The Rule of Ethnic Culture Brokers and Social Networks in Access Services

    Dr. Flona Mincy, Fall 2009

    Dissertation Title: The Effect of Housing Subsidies on Union Status and Visitation 

    Dr. Chijioke Evoh, Fall 2008

    Dissertation Title: Collaborative Partnerships and the Transformation of Secondary Education through ICTS in South Africa

    Dr. Alan A. Aja, Spring 2008

    Dissertation Title: Miami's Dual Stew Pot: Revisiting the Limits of Ethnic Solidarity in the Miami Cuban Enclave and Implications for Public Policy 

    Dr. Alys Willman-Navaro, Spring 2008

    Dissertation Title: What's Money Got To Do With It? The Economics of Risk in Commercial Sex Work in Managua, Nicaragua

    Dr. Nicole Oretsky, Fall 2007

    Dissertation Title: Shelter Injustice and the Endurance of Housing Poverty in South Tucson, Arizona

    Dr. Frances Martin, Spring 2007

    Dissertation Title: Stories of Returning Women: Lessons Learned from Deinstitutionalization

    Dr. Sookhee Oh, Spring 2007

    Dissertation Title: Immigrant Communities and Ethnic Linkages: Suburban Koreans in the New York-New Jersey Metropolitan Area 

    Dr. Anna Bounds, Spring 2006

    Dissertation Title: Network Management in Cultural District Implementation. The Case of Philadelphia's Avenue of the Arts

    Dr. Richard Hendra, Spring 2004

    Dissertation Title: Identifying and Unbundling the Employment Impacts of a Time-limited Welfare Program

    Dr. Meg Holden, Spring 2004

    Dissertation Title: A Pragmatic Test for Sustainability Indicator Projects: The case of social learning in Seattle

    * Deceased