• Complaint Procedures

    The university takes student complaints very seriously. Information and procedures for filing a Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Violence, Title IX, or Disability Discrimination complaint can be found on this site.

    Students who have concerns about an instructor or technical or administrative aspects of courses should contact the instructor first. If the problem is not resolved, the student should contact an academic advisor or the chair/director of the program offering the course. The program chair/director will confer with the instructor to understand the concerns and try to resolve the problem for the student. If the instructional concern is not resolved with the program chair or the department offering the course, the student should contact the associate dean or dean of Academic Affairs of the school offering the course.

    Complaints against the university should be filed with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities Please contact the assistant vice president for Student Life or director for Student Rights and Responsibilities if you have questions about your rights and responsibilities or require assistance in a particular situation.

    Assistant Vice President for Student Life
    Jennifer Francone
    72 Fifth Avenue, 4th floor
    New York, NY 10011
    212.229.5900 x3656

    Director for Student Rights and Responsibilities
    Gene Puno-De Leon
    72 Fifth Avenue, 4th floor
    New York, NY 10011
    212.229.5349 x3653

    More information about complaints can be found at the Student Ombuds page.

    If the university is unable to satisfactorily resolve a problem, students can contact the New England Association of Schools and Colleges or one of the following agencies in New York. If a student resides outside of New York, the student may contact the state agency that handles complaints for his or her state. A list of state agencies handling complaints can be found on the State Contact Information  page.

    New York State Education Department
    Office of College and University Evaluation
    5 North Mezzanine
    Albany, NY 12234

    New York State Education Department
    Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision
    99 Washington Avenue, room 1613 OCP
    Albany, NY 12234

    New York Department of State, Division of Consumer Protection
    Consumer Assistance Unit
    5 Empire State Plaza, suite 2101
    Albany, NY 12223-1556