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  • The College of Performing Arts is where our renowned schools of drama, jazz, and classical music come together to form a progressive creative center at the heart of The New School. Here, performing arts students work across disciplines to become a force of new artistry.

    The New School’s College of Performing Arts, formed in the fall of 2015, brings together Mannes School of Music, the iconic 100-year-old conservatory; the legendary School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, and the innovative and groundbreaking School of Drama.

    With each school contributing its unique culture of excellence, the College of Performing Arts creates opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration, innovative education, and world-class performances. A new and innovative Arts Management and Entrepreneurship MA at the College level adds to the cross-disciplinary culture of the school.

    As part of the formation of The College, Mannes has moved into the newly renovated Arnhold Hall in Greenwich Village, a state-of-the-art facility designed especially for the performing arts. Also housed in Arnhold Hall are The School of Jazz and the School of Drama’s BFA program.

    As a part of The New School, students and faculty across the College of Performing Arts experience a supportive and rigorous environment with enhanced opportunities to collaborate with colleagues in a wide array of disciplines, from the visual arts and fashion design, to the social sciences, to public policy and advocacy, and more.

    Our college has over 900 degree and diploma seeking students, including a variety of programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as an additional 400 pre-college students at Mannes Prep.

  • The traditional music conservatory has been transformed. Here, rigorous classical training meets new music, improvisation, real-world creative opportunities, and cross-disciplinary projects to develop well-rounded and prepared artists.

  • Where rigor and creative experimentation combine. Our programs embrace civic awareness across performance disciplines to create work that exemplifies imagination and social consciousness. Develop your imagination, social consciousness, and authentic self expression.

  • Known as a global center for progressive, inventive artists, our artist-as-mentor approach to learning is distinct. Work one-on-one with the world's leading contemporary and jazz musicians as you pursue what makes you a unique contemporary musician.

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