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    Post-Genre Music prepares 21st-century musicians to perform in range of settings and to be actively involved in the creation of meaningful new work. In a world where musicians can no longer stay confined to a single genre, performers need to be able to survive and thrive in a wide variety of styles of music and, increasingly, in music that combines many different styles into one. Designed to complement intensive instrumental or vocal study, Post-Genre Music focuses on the here and now, drawing on the vast New York City musical landscape to do so. In addition to learning how to perform in multiple contexts, students gain arranging and composition skills and practical experience in technology and entrepreneurship, acquiring the tools necessary to turn ideas into action.

    By the successful completion of the minor, students will be able to:

    • Perform in multiple mixed ensemble settings, spanning a range of styles, sizes, and instrumentation
    • Apply knowledge of basic improvisation skills in a variety of settings
    • Demonstrate awareness of the history and context of multiple genres of music including indie rock, hip-hop, rock opera, folk music, and world music
    • Incorporate the use of music software for recording, sampling, and composition
    • Create basic instrumental or vocal arrangements and compositions and parts for multiple settings
    • Use entrepreneurial skills to facilitate their own creative pursuits

    The minor in Post-Genre Music requires successful completion of 18 credits across four subject areas, as outlined in the chart below. This minor is open to all students at Mannes School of Music and the School of Jazz and to students in other New School colleges by audition.

    Course availability may vary from semester to semester. Students seeking to pursue alternative coursework to fulfill the minor should consult with their advisors.

  • AreaCourse OptionsRequirements

    Intro to Post-Genre Music

    Survey of Post-Genre Music: Creation and Performance (CBMH 2000)

    Introductory course prior to applying for and declaring minor (2 credits)

    Musical Context Courses

    The Stone Workshops (COPA 4200, COPA 4201) History of Music (CBMH 1105 - CBMH 2106)

    (6 credits)


    The Entrepreneurial Musician (COPA 2000, COPA 2001) or other New School business or management classes

    (2 credits)


    Composition for Nonmajors (CCMP 2000) Fundamentals of Orchestration (CCMP 2150) Tonal Composition (CCMP 3005, CCMP 3006) or other composition elective

    (2 credits)

    Music Technology

    Introduction to SuperCollider (CCMP 4010)

    (4 credits)


    Improvisation Ensemble (CAPR 5200) or other applicable improvisation elective

    (1 credit)

    Final Performance Project/Capstone/ Independent Study

    Minor Capstone/Independent Study (XPER 4000)

    Final performance project, designed by the student with an advisor, to demonstrate performance practices and context learned throughout the course of study (1 credit)

  • Eligibility

    Minors are available to all undergraduate students at The New School, though some minors are closed to students in certain majors (please see the list of preclusions for more details). Students may declare minors outside of their own colleges.

    For questions regarding this minor’s curriculum, including requests for course substitutions, please contact Maggie Koozer, Assistant Dean for Teaching and Learning, koozerm@newschool.edu, 212.580.0210 x4824.

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