• Overview

    Anthropology minors combine multiple disciplines to explore contemporary issues such as race and classification, money and value, human rights, migration, violence, science and technology, and urban life. Students gain fresh insight from courses that reflect the diverse interests of an international faculty. 


    Minors are available to undergraduate students across The New School.


    To see which courses fulfill these requirements, visit the Lang course finder.

    Number of Courses Required Courses Credits
    2 Tier I / Introductory (2000-level) courses, one each from two of the three departmental designations* 6
    3 Tier III / LANT (3000- or 4000-level) electives, ideally taken after completion of Tier I courses. Of these, at least two must have different designations.* 12
    Total courses: 5 Total credits: 18

    *The three designations are Reading Anthropology, Writing Anthropology, and Doing Anthropology.

    Students must receive a grade of C or better in every course used to fulfill area-of-study requirements.