• Sustainability Initiatives

    The Buildings Department’s sustainability initiatives focus on the efficient design and operation of spaces on campus to reduce energy consumption and the resulting carbon emissions. Our architects, engineers, and facility staff are addressing climate change in a variety of ways — working with the university’s vast talent pool and the Tishman Center to develop ways to reduce our footprint and carry the mission of global environmental responsibility beyond NYC.

    Sustainability efforts are channeled with effects on the following dimensions in mind:

    1. PEOPLE
      The well-being of our community — students, faculty, and staff — is influenced by indoor air quality, space use, lighting, temperature controls, and building materials.
      The consumption of energy and water and the production of waste bear increasingly costly political and economic implications.
    3. PLANET
      The health of the planet depends on the decisions we make regarding resource consumption and our commitment to creatively addressing environmental challenges as a community.

      Read more about how we’re reducing energy and water consumption and waste production — including the operations that support our initiatives and the goals and commitments that track and unify our efforts.