Student Work

  • Fine Arts (BFA)

    Scott Walker

    Not Your Mother's Quilting

    In this body of work, I use the traditional practices of machine quilting and hand embroidery to create works that complicate pervasive notions of masculinity. Many women from older generations of my family practiced quilting and embroidery. For this project, I appropriate found images of men performing masculinity, which become complicated when integrated into the crafted works. This particular body of work uses fabrics from Alexander Henry Fabrics, which depict idealized and sexualized men participating in traditionally masculine activities like sports and fishing. I comment on these cartoonish images of masculinity by placing them in traditionally made quilts. The aesthetic and softness of the materials I use become an assertion of femininity. My choices of fabrics and embellishments like sequins push my feminine aesthetic to an extreme. The care and labor involved in my making processes is also important to these works. My quilts are reminiscent of crafted family heirlooms and domestic objects, things that have been lived with and loved.