Student Work

  • Fine Arts (BFA)

    Debora Levy

    Works Cited

    Works Cited involves the artwork of the Parsons Fine Arts faculty. I probed the online archives of artwork by my professors and crafted sculptural responses to specific pieces in an attempt to engage in a hierarchical dialogue. My responses function either as homage or adversely as parody or provocation. The sculptures are supported by a text, which lists all references as artwork citations with supporting images. They include Tom Butter’s 2008 sculpture S Machine, Andrea Ray’s installation Utopians Dance, and Things from Shadi Harouni. Through these playful displays of assimilation, I am creating an ad hoc, context-specific practice. I’m interested in hitting titillating notes and building a coy game of domination and submission, admiration and defiance, obedience and provocation, that plays out within the complex confines of the institution.