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  • Fine Arts (BFA)

    Tzvia Skolnick

    Tzvia Skolnick

    Tzvia Skolnick is a mute American artist and a producer of divine relics. She lives in New York City, and everywhere at once. Skolnick’s work displays an interest in wealth and death as they relate to image production, the problems of art display, and the veneration of under-recognized artists in the art world. Skolnick is an ibbur—the embodiment of a Kabbalistic concept of a reincarnated soul existing inside another. The Hebrew word ibbur translates to the term “impregnate” in English. That is exactly the state of ibbur: The departed soul impregnates the body of the living person to accomplish an unfinished task. Once the task is complete, the spirit departs. Skolnick is a very young artist. The question of whether she is in fact mute or merely preverbal has been debated. She has limited motor skills and is concurrently in infant–late life stages. Skolnick’s first physical birth took place on St. Mark’s Place on September 14, 2015, when she had her navel pierced. She was promptly reborn in Mexico on November 7, 2015, when she immersed herself in a salt-water infinity hot tub utilized as a bastardized mikveh. The natural waters of the mikveh serve as a symbol of cleansing and rebirth. True to her state as an ibbur, Skolnick was born and died before she was first born, as a prominent Miami-based attorney. The Tzvia Skolnick Collection is pleased to have been gifted the artist’s entire oeuvre. Much of Skolnick’s work includes fragile and ephemeral material, and this work is susceptible to the elements, including climate, UV rays, and non-archival display methods. It is of the greatest importance that her growing body of work be preserved and cared for.