Student Work

  • Fine Arts (BFA)

    Kerim Zapsu


    My project, “Trophy,” works to make a sponge dip in and out of water. The sculpture runs on a motor which pulls and pushes a rope that runs parallel to the floor. The rope is drawn to the ceiling then falls into the bucket beneath. The cyclical sound of the piece is a silence, then a squeak from a pulley, and finally, water pouring out of two yellow sponges at the end of the rope. The sculpture is made of a polypropylene rope, pulleys, a motor, concrete, and a plastic container. Using these simple materials, I try to achieve a visceral feeling that allows the viewer to look beyond the materials and their uses. In this sense, the duality of both simplicity and complexity creates two trails of thought, mechanical and visceral, forcing the viewer to fill in the connection between these concepts.